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Hive Queen Assault
Level: 180
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Virindi Delegate
Starts At: Greenspire at 43.3N, 66.7W
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Olthoi Hive Queen


Investigating the disturbance on Marae Lassel.

  • This quest is a parallel to the original olthoi queen but with touger Olthoi that spray lightning instead of acid, high level virindi, as well as void-casting olthoi grubs.
  • One person with Lockpick is required to complete part 1 of the quest.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Crafting the Tuning Forks

  1. Speak to the Virindi Delegate in Greenspire at 43.3N, 66.7W.
  2. Head to the Chiming Portal at 45.0N, 73.5W
  3. Inside the dungeon you will need to collect the parts to assemble 5 Tuning Forks. The dungeon is full of level 240 virindi, and olthoi that use lightning rather than acid.
  4. The dungeon is a giant loop with an inner and outer loop. On the outer loop there are 2 rooms, one on the East side of the dungeon, and the other on the West side. These 2 rooms contain the 2 parts needed to make the forks,
    • Note: Individual parts are attuned and bonded, so 1 person needs to gather both. Completed keys can be given though.
  5. In each of the 2 rooms is a Galvanic Chest. These chests are 500 lockpick to open, and can be weakened. In the west chest you will find a Bar of Curved Metal and in the east chest you will find the Metal Pipe. Gather 5 of each (simply loot the chest multiple times) and combine them to make the Tuning Forks. The chests refill every 30 seconds.
    • Warning: When these chests are opened they do MASSIVE lightning bomb damage (1 shot KOs are very likely). A Astyrrian's Jewel (Lightning Protection) rare will however negate all damage.

Part 2: Breaking the Rings

  1. 5 people must each have 1 Tuning Fork, and wait at their assigned Menhir Ring.
  2. Hand forks to drummers in the following order to break the Menhir rings:
    1. 53.0N, 73.3W - Aun Kahmaula
    2. 49.2N, 74.6W - Aun Gehaua
    3. 46.5N, 75.8W - Aun Tanaua
    4. 44.7N, 80.9W - ??
    5. 50.1N, 80.4W - ??
  3. It will take a few minutes after dropping using a Fork before the next drummer spawns
    • Note: It is not known if there is a timer on handing in forks, of if they prevent players from entering Timaru as was the case with the Bells for the original queen.

Part 3: West Fork Dam Hive (Getting Sprayed)

  1. Head to the West Fork Dam Hive at 49.1N, 80.0W.
    • Note: The olthoi in here have recklessness and sneak attack. Watch your back.
  2. Inside the dungeon, work your way down (follow left wall) until you find the Western Royal Hive Portal.
  3. Clear out the room until everyone has received the message about the olthoi exploding, and you being covered in goo. Once you have gotten this message, you are flagged to enter the Western Royal Hive.

Part 4: Western Royal Hive

  1. Complete the 3 tests to access the Queen's Quarters. The tests do not have to completed per player.

Origins Test

  1. Head East and then NORTH until you come to a larger room with 2 Hive Guardians (one is a virindi, the other is an Olthoi Hive Guardian). Kill the Olthoi Hive Guardians and loot the Guardian Warrior's Key. Use it to open the door and jump across to the Origins Portal.
  2. Destroy the Hive Olthoi Egg and you will receive green text about the queen screaming in anger. Take the exit portal and it will return you to the initial drop point for the Western Royal Hive.

Grub Test

  1. Head west until you come to another large room with a virindi and Olthoi Hive Guardian.
  2. Kill the Olthoi Hive Guardian and loot the Guardian Soldier's Key. Open the door and jump across to the Grubs Portal
  3. The grubs test finds you in a room with a multitude of high level void-casting Olthoi Hive Crawlers. Kill the Olthoi Hive Crawlers, and then kill the Hive Maggot Giant that spawns and you will get a green message about them exploding in a burst of acid and guts. Take the exit portal to return to the Western Royal Hive drop point.

Virindi Test

  1. Head west again, but instead of going all the way west, head north when possible until you come to another large room. Again kill the 2 Olthoi Hive Guardians, and loot the Guardian Soldier's Key. Open the door, and jump across to the portal.
  2. When all 3 trials have been completed, you may now enter the Queen's Quarters. Head east again, but this time turn SOUTH, until you come to the 4th and final room, again with 2 Olthoi Hive Guardians. Kill them, loot the Guardian Soldier's Key, and jump across to the portal.

Part 5: The Queen's Quarters

  • Warning: There is no quick way back should you die! You have a 2 hour flagging to enter the Western Royal Hive once you have been "sprayed" but you will still need to kill the guardian in the South East again to gain access to the Queen's Quarters portal.
  1. The queens lair is a series of T intersections, some of which lead further into the dungeon, but the majority of which lead simply to dead end rooms. These rooms are host to more virindi and olthoi. Make your way going down whenever possible. You will know you are close when you find a hallway closed by metal gates (they open as easy as any other door. No levers or lockpick required).
    • Route to the gates: West > North > West > West > North and down the ramp > East > South to the end of the hall > West and down ramp > North > East > North then take the 1st right (East) down the ramp > The gates will be ahead
  2. Beyond these gates is a room with a portal to the room with the queen. This is the LAST safe spot so any pre-fight prep can be done here
    • Note: The drop is hot. Once you go in, there is no way to get back short of running through the entire dungeon.
  3. Upon entering you will be swarmed by Olthoi Hive Warrior. Kill them at the drop point, then take down the fake queen to the west.
  4. When she dies a green message will appear, and the REAL Olthoi Hive Queen will spawn.
    • The quest has been changed. It will be her with no minions. The void grubs and olthoi she had when the quest was released have been removed
  5. Kill the queen and use her body to recieve a head (if you are the killer) or a carapace if you helped.
    • Warning: The head/carapace will appear in your pack directly so make sure you have a free space! The head is no give, so if you want it, you MUST be the one to kill her!
    • Note: There is no confirmation as of yet to the number of Olthoi Hive Queen Carapace given out via the new reward mechanic.
  6. When everyone has either the head or carapace, take the portal and give the item to the Virindi Delegate to receive your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Chiming Portal 45.0N, 73.5W -- --
West Fork Dam Hive 49.1N, 80.0W -- --
Western Royal Hive N/A -- --
Queen's Quarters N/A -- --
Queen's Chamber N/A -- --
Queen's Treasury N/A -- --


Experience: 1,300,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 60,000
Titles: Hive Queenslayer


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Opening Dialog

Virindi Delegate tells you, "Greetings. The Reaver of Dreams has sent me here to request the assistance of your kind. There has been a great rift in the portal energies flowing through the lands of Marae Lassel."

Virindi Delegate tells you, "The Tumeroks, who have long battled their "Wharu", are far too simple a creature to sense these rifts. Only one with great consciousness could be responsible for such violent modifications in this long-standing balance."

Virindi Delegate tells you, "We must determine the cause before it is too late."

Virindi Delegate tells you, "Gather a party of the mightiest warriors and find what has evoked such drastic changes on the Marescent Plateau. Begin your search to the east of the Tumerok capital. A single tone resonates strongly in my thoughts from this region and The Reaver of Dreams believes the source can be found there."
Rewards Dialog

Dialog needed

Other Interactions
Breaking the Rings

Aun Kahmaula strikes the Tuning Fork against the stones and a low pitched tone resonates outward. The menhir stones crack and break!"

You give Aun Gehaua Tuning Fork.

Aun Gehaua tells you, "How curious. This is an instrument used by your people to assure the highest quality of tones?"

Aun Gehaua strikes the Tuning Fork against the stones and a low pitched tone resonates outward. The menhir stones crack and break!

Aun Gehaua tells you, "What trickery is this...?"

A blank look suddenly washes over Aun Gehaua's face. A gentle blue glow eminates from his eyes.

Aun Gehaua tells you, "The demise of your kind is near fleshlings!"

Aun Tanaua strikes the Tuning Fork against the stones and a low pitched tone resonates outward. The menhir stones crack and break!"
Getting Sprayed

You run Olthoi Hive Eviscerator through!

The Hive Eviscerator explodes in a geyser of acid, spraying you from head to toe! You currently reek of Olthoi secretions. Fortunately, this will fade away in about two hours.
Defeating Virindi Sentinel

A booming voice reverberates throughout the chamber..."This failure means little! My success is inevitable you foolish fleshlings!"
Defeating Olthoi Hive Queen

As the Olthoi Hive Queen collapses to the ground, a familiar voice echoes through the chamber. "Your constant meddling ends this day meatbags! Twisting, shaping, and bending the wills of those simpleton Tumeroks was an amusing task. Meet the real queen! She will show you who is vermin and who is royalty!"

Deep within the winding tunnels of the Marescent Plateau, the party of the brave <player name> has slaughtered the Olthoi Hive Queen. As one, the Olthoi Hive swarms recoil from her final burst of terror, and slowly begin to withdraw back into their hives.

Update History

Engineered Ascendance

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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