Hollow Minion Exemplar

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The Gathering Storm

Dranith Menacet (Level 43 Creature)

  • On death:
You reel as a tremendous shock wave passes through you upon the vanquishing of Dranith Menacet. A horrible din rises up in the background, and then slowly fades away. You hear the voice of Dranith Menacet echo loudly in your mind, 'Do you think this means you've won? Do you really? Our plan has only begun, flesh. This is only the start. Soon you will see what your victory has meant. Empty as the very air. The only victory today is mine.' The voice slowly fades away. You see a piece of white paper lying on the ground.

Flesh and Blood

Hollow Minion

  • On death:
Hollow Minion tells you, "I may be undone, but my facsimiles will consume your kind!"

Dranith Menacet (Level 43 Creature)

  • On death:
As Dranith Menacet's dying sighs fade into the stillness, a crumpled note, worn and creased from many readings, tumbles from his broken frame.


Dranith Menacet (Level 216 Creature]

  • On death:
Dranith Menacet tells you, "This is only the beginning. Our fist landing, our bulwark. Here is where my father has cast the gauntlet. I will not fail my father again!"


Dranith Menacet (Level 391 Creature)

  • On death:
[Player's name] has slain Dranith Menacet. As the Hollow Minion bleeds its last bit of life onto the ground, it calls to its farther in a child-like voice. "Father, I have failed you. They will find the way to your home." In Rithwic, a new portal appears.
Dranith Menacet says, "Father...Father... My body crumbles to dust, am I forgotten. I am dead. I am sorry father I have failed you and will rise no longer."

The Slumbering Giant

The Gatekeeper

  • On death:
The master must be warned the consciousness must flow
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