Introduced:  To Raise a Banner of Flame Related Quests:  Hollow Weapons Quest Updated:  Master of Arms
Hollow Staff
Hollow Staff Icon
  • Value: 2,000
  • Burden: 450
  • Skill: Heavy Weapons (Staff)
  • Damage: 21 - 42 , Bludgeoning
  • Speed: Fast (20)
  • Bonus to Attack Skill: +5%
  • Properties: Unenchantable, Attuned, Bonded
  • A staff crafted from low-quality chorizite, seemingly impervious to magical protections. (Note: This weapon ignores modified armor and protection values.)
Hollow Staff Live

Hollow Staff


  • A hollow weapon.
  • Damage increased during Master of Arms event, see pre-patch stats here.
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