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Hollow Weapons Quest
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts At: Lugian Mines at 73.9S, 39.0E
Route: Qalaba'r to Southern Park settlement portal at 74.8S, 17.8E.
Repeat: 20 Hours


Quest to create hollow weapons that are impervious to magical protections (ignores modified armor and protection values).

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Once inside keep heading south. After heading down a ramp you'll reach a large open room. You can reach deposits at the ends of either route exiting this room.
  2. You will need a Lugian Pick Axe to mine the ore. They can be found on any of the Laigus Lugian in the mine.
  3. Use the pick axe on the deposit to receive your Chunk of Low-Grade Chorizite. You are able to mine more than one chunk of ore but you only need one for the quest.
  4. Head to Feruza's Beach Fort and give the Ore to Feruza ibn Salaq to have it made into Refined Low-Grade Chorizite.
  5. With the Refined Ore in hand head to Silencia's Magma Golem located in Crater Lake Village.
  6. Buy the appropriate glyph from Silencia the Archmage and combine with the refined ore.
    1. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Atlatl)
    2. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Axe)
    3. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Bow)
    4. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Claw)
    5. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Crossbow)
    6. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Dagger)
    7. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Mace)
    8. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Spear)
    9. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Staff)
    10. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Sword)
    11. Infused Low-Grade Chorizite Ore (Two Handed Spear)
  7. Hand the Infused Ore to Silencia's Magma Golem to receive your Hollow Weapon.
  8. Apply Bloodhunter Oil to the Hollow Weapon to upgrade it to a Deadly Hollow Weapon.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Lugian Mines 73.9S, 39.0E -- 02E9



Hollow Weapons Icon.png Hollow Weapons



Feruza ibn Salaq

Feruza ibn Salaq tells you, "I trade in rare metals and information. I am only interested in motes from golems and the new ore the Lugians have been mining."

Feruza ibn Salaq tells you, "If you bring me motes, slivers, nuggets and bars of pyreal, I will share some of my knowledge with you."
Handing in Low-Grade Chorizite

You give Feruza ibn Salaq Chunk of Low-Grade Chorizite

Feruza ibn Salaq tells you, "Ah, a piece of that new ore. I'll wager you had to dodge a lot of Lugians to get this! Let me purify it for you. Good luck finding someone to smith it, though.

Feruza ibn Salaq gives you Refined Low-Grade Chorizite.
Handing in Low-Grade Chorizite (Repeat Timer)

You give Feruza ibn Salaq Chunk of Low-Grade Chorizite

Feruza ibn Salaq tells you, "I'm sorry, I really don't have the supplies to purify metals for you right now. Please come back later, as I hope to be getting more in soon.

Feruza ibn Salaq gives you Chunk of Low-Grade Chorizite.

Update History

To Raise a Banner of Flame

  • Quest introduced.


  • You can now upgrade Hollow Weapons into Deadly Hollow Weapons using Bloodhunter Oil.


  • Hollow Weapons updated.
  • Hollow Dagger, Nabut and Katar now upgradeable to deadly version.


Pillars Made of Sand

Gears of Change

  • Hollow and deadly hollow two-handed spear added.

Reforging the Past

  • Timer for refining ore changed from 16 hours to 20 hours.