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Hoshino Fortress Infiltration
Level: 200
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Mareeno Donn
Starts At: Royal Tent at 80.7N, 43.0W
Route: Stonehold to Desolation Beach portal at 69.6N, 20.2W
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Hoshino Fortress


Multi stage quest to infiltrate Hoshino's fortress and tower.

  • The creatures in the fortress and dungeons hit very hard with melee damage, slashing war spells, and void DoTs. Creatures you'll encounter are primarily ghosts, undead, mu-miyah, and rats.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Main Gate Key

  1. Talk to Mareeno Donn outside the Royal Tent at 80.7N, 43.0W.
    • Route: From Stonehold, take the Desolation Beach portal at 69.6N, 20.2W and run to 80.7N, 43.0W.
    • Talk to all the other NPCs at the tent to get flagged for kill tasks as well. You will likely complete them all during the quest.
  2. Collect three broken key pieces from the three Gatekeepers that spawn inside one of the clusters of buildings at the base of the fortress:
    1. Broken Key (Lower) - From the Bushi Gatekeeper
    2. Broken Key (Middle) - From the Samurai Gatekeeper
    3. Broken Key (Upper) - From the Claw Master Gatekeeper
    • Note 1: The particular building in each cluster that the Gatekeepers spawn appears to be random.
    • Note 2: Each piece of the key has a one hour timer before it disintegrates. Combining the pieces resets the timer.
  3. Combine the 3 Broken Key pieces into a Main Gate Key, which has a two hour timer before it disintegrates.
  4. Go to the entrance to Hoshino's Fortress at 79.1N 41.5W and hand the Main Gate Key to the Lock, located next to the gate.
  5. Once inside the fortress run directly into the Venerable Mausoleum portal on the left in the courtyard.
    • Note: Should anyone in your group die after entering the fortress and before using the Hoshino Tower poral in part 4, you will need to make another key to re-enter the fortress. It is often easiest for a single person/small group with very high melee defense or rares to collect the key from the nearby towns.

Part 2: Venerable Mausoleum

  1. From the drop, take the ramp down and work your way to a room with three pits (north, east, and west).
  2. Jump down into each pit, and work your way to the end until you find the boss (see below).
  3. Kill the bosses, and loot a bone from their corpses (drops 9). Everyone in the group needs one of each bone:
  4. After looting each bone, use the surface portal nearby to head back to the top of the dungeon. Repeat these steps for each pit.
  5. After you have both bones and a skull combine them into Ancient Skull and Bones.
  6. Hand the completed Ancient Skull and Bones to the Ancient Altar, located in upper east level of the dungeon, near the Samurai Titan to obtain your rewards and the Middle Gate Key.
    • Note: Do not get too close to the Titan or he will agro.
  7. After the first person does their turn in, the Crypt Eidolon will spawn, smite the Samurai Titan, and subsequently disappear.
    • Note 1: If you wish to see this animation again, wait for the Samurai Titan to respawn before handing in your skull and bones.
  8. After everyone has turned in their Ancient Skull and Bones, take the nearby surface portal, which takes you back to the courtyard (extremely hot drop!).
    • Note: The surface portal will expire within a few minutes of the last person's turn-in (it can be re-spawned via a turn in).
    • Note: This point in the quest is a good time to use a melee defense rare or other rares in order to survive the coutryard battle.
  9. Have one person give the Middle Gate Key to the lock of the door to the north and proceed to the 2nd area of the courtyard.
  10. Clear the entire spawn inside the 2nd courtyard. Once the last creature dies, the next door will open.
  11. Run through the door and enter the Falatacot Temple portal, located inside a small building in the middle of 3rd courtyard. This is also a hot drop.
    • Note 1: If anyone dies, someone will need to collect another key to the fortress in order to re-open the gate (see part 1). Someone who did not use their Middle Gate Key will then need to open the gate to the 2nd courtyard.
    • Note 2: The door which opens to the 3rd courtyard after the spawn is cleared remains open for a longer amount of time (45 minutes?). This should allow time for anyone who died to re-join the group in the Falatacot Temple.

Part 3: Falatacot Temple

  1. Inside this dungeon, your group must kill enemies, and collect the upper, middle, and lower pieces of a lever from their corpses. The pieces drop randomly. Only 1 set is needed for the group.
    1. Broken Lever (Lower)
    2. Broken Lever (Middle)
    3. Broken Lever (Upper)
    • Note: The disintegration timer on these pieces all begin when you enter the dungeon, and not when you pick them up.
  2. Once you have all three pieces, combine them to create a Lever Handle.
  3. Head to the north end of the dungeon and hand the Lever Handle to the Lever Box (located to the right of the door) to open it.
  4. Proceed past the door, and you will be auto-portaled into the next part of this dungeon.
    • Note: Once you portal in, don't move forward, or you will draw agro.
  5. Kill everything in this dungeon to trigger the opening of the door (located in front of you at the drop). There are six hallways off of the main room that must be cleared.
  6. Head up the stairs and down the hallway until you reach a room containing several enemies, including an Exarch Nanjou Shou-jen.
  7. Kill the Exarch Nanjou Shou-jen, and a Freed Temple Exarch NPC will spawn.
  8. Speak with the Exarch NPC, to receive your second set of rewards and a Final Gate Key.

Part 4: Hoshino Tower

  1. When your group is ready, use the surface portal in this room to return to the 3rd courtyard (very hot drop).
  2. Have one person use their Final Gate Key to open the final door to the north, which leads to an overlook, containing the spectral towers.
  3. The final portal should be entered together as a group, so it is best to run to the spectral towers, then stop and clear any spawns that follow.
  4. Admire the spectral towers floating on the side of the fortress then enter the Hoshino Tower portal (boss fight hot drop).
  5. Inside, kill the First Lieutenant and loot the First Lieutenant's Insignia. from his corpse (drops 9). Respawn is 10 minutes.
    • Note: All fellow members should focus on the boss - the longer the fight, the more spawns will accumulate in the room. He goes down fast when both imp'd and vuln'd.
    • Note: Flame waves will shoot out along the edges of the room - everyone should stay away from the walls.
    • Note: If anyone should die during the boss fight, they can get back by using the shortcut portal located near the pagoda building across from the main gate to the fortress (need coords).
  6. After he dies, take the ramp up until you reach a room containing tables with O-Yoroi Armor, Reinforced Shou-jen Armor and 2-use Legendary Keys on them.
  7. You may loot one piece of armor from either set and one key.
    • Note: If you are unsure what to choose, the O-Yoroi armor is more popular due to its unique look, while the Shou-jen armor looks similar to the Nanjou Shou-jen Armor which can be acquired while fighting in Egg Orchard and other similar dungeons. Both armor sets offer only epic cantrips as a set bonus, so for most players they are useful for tailoring only.
  8. Past the armor room is another room with chests you can use your Legendary Keys on. Be sure to use all 4 legendary keys here.
  9. Finally, return the First Lieutenant's Insignia to Mareeno Donn at the Royal Tent tent for your final reward.
    • Note: Also talk to the other NPCs at the tent for kill task rewards if you flagged with them earlier.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Venerable Mausoleum 78.1N, 48.2W -- --
Falatacot Temple 78.1N, 48.2W -- --
Hoshino Tower 78.1N, 48.2W -- --


Give Ancient Skull and Bones to Ancient Altar
Experience: 300,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 12,000
Titles: Vanquisher of the Titan
Speak to Freed Temple Exarch
Experience: 300,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 12,000
Titles: Heretic
Defeat the First Lieutenant
Give First Lieutenant's Insignia to Mareeno Donn
Experience: 300,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 24,000
Titles: Captain



Opening Dialog

Mareeno Donn tells you, "Greetings. Your reputation proceeds you. In dire times such as this we could use bold adventurers like yourself."

Mareeno Donn tells you, "I represent the Arcanum and have been sent here to discover what secrets lie within Hoshino's Fortress. We must learn as much as we can as quickly as we can, we have no time to waste."

Mareeno Donn tells you, "Who knows what Hoshino Kei is planning, but whatever it is it can't be good! Her fortress rises from the ground seemingly overnight. No doubt that evil book is responsible."

Mareeno Donn tells you, "Please investigate the fortress and see what you can discover. We cannot sit idly by as she forges forward with her scheme. We must be proactive and put an end to this before it is too late. All of Dereth is in grave danger!"
Rewards Dialog

You allow Ancient Altar to examine your Ancient Skull and Bones.

You hand over 1 of your Ancient Skull and Boness.

Ancient Altar gives you Middle Gate Key.

As you place the bones onto the altar, the ground starts to tremble. You feel the room begin to charge with energy.

A huge skeleton suddenly appears. It seems to be focused intently on the Samurai Titan.

Ancient Altar tells you, "You have earned the title of "Vanquisher of the Titan"."

You've earned 315,069,990 experience.

You've earned 12,000 Luminance.

Ancient Altar gives you Legendary Key.

Crypt Eidolon says, "Abomination! The souls within these walls will not be enslaved to Hoshino Kei. Leave this place!"

The Samurai Titan falls to the ground in defeat at the hands of the Crypt Eidolon. A portal to the surface appears in the northwest corner.

Crypt Eidolon says, "Back to the abyss dark Titan. Do not return to this sacred place."

Freed Temple Exarch tells you, "Thank you for freeing me from the infinite torture I have been enslaved to."

Freed Temple Exarch tells you, "Being the guardian of this temple was never my choice, but instead was a duty thrust upon me and labeled as an honor."

Freed Temple Exarch tells you, "I hope the little I can give helps to repay my debt to you."

Freed Temple Exarch gives you Final Gate Key.

You have been awarded the title of "Heretic"

You've earned 297,235,856 experience.

You've earned 12,000 Luminance.

Freed Temple Exarch gives you Legendary Key.

You allow Mareeno Donn to examine your First Lieutenant's Insignia..

You hand over 1 of your First Lieutenant's Insignia.s.

Mareeno Donn tells you, "Those are disturbing reports. Hoshino Kei has amassed great power and her army is growing."

Mareeno Donn tells you, "If her influence continues to spread this could mean a war will be upon us, and I can't say that we would be able to stop her."

Mareeno Donn tells you, "It was important for you to explore her fortress. You have earned this."

You have been awarded the title of "Captain"

You've earned 297,235,856 experience.

You've earned 24,000 Luminance.
Other Interactions

You carefully place the arm bone inside of the skull. You feel a gentle click as the bone attaches to a groove inside of the skull.

You carefully place the arm bone inside of the skull. You feel a gentle click as the bone attaches to the second groove inside of the skull.

Update History

The Risen Princess

  • Quest introduced.

Lessons from the Past

  • Drop rate for Venerable Mausoleum boss quest items increased.

Balance of Power

Curating Corruption

  • Luminance reward #1 increased from 5,000 to 12,000.
  • Luminance reward #2 increased from 8,000 to 12,000.
  • Luminance reward #3 increased from 12,000 to 24,000.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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