Human Exemplar

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Asheron's Call Beta

Wardiel the Mighty

  • When defeated:
Broadcast from +Wardiel The Mighty> This simply can not be...What? Where are you taking me? Noooo... I SHALL RETURN FEEBLE DERETH!!!!!

Heart of Woe

Adroth Salson

  • Message when attacked:
Adroth's boots clank loudly as he lunges at [Player Name]!
  • On death:
Adroth spits blood and teeth upon the ground, and grins a gap-toothed, bloodstained smile at [Player Name]. "If yer not carrying a full pack of vitae, yer not a real man. Roight then. I'll be back for you, bub. Ye'll get yers soon enough." The wicked gleam in his eyes fades as his spirit is whisked away to the lifestone.

Den-Ru Chang

  • On death:
Den-Ru tries to cast healing spell, but is too weak. "Bah. Wear a robe, get sliced open by hollow weapons. Wear armor, become too heavy to move. Well, all you're getting from me is a sackful of those useless damned robes that old fool Celdiseth knits!"

Itala the Knife

  • On death:
Itala falls before [Player Name]'s assault as she fought, silently.

Li Fanli

  • On death:
Lai [sic] Fanli grunts. "I keep telling Oswald... archers can't compete against opponents this difficult. Where is the 'love' he keeps promising me?" At that, his bow falls from his cooling fingers.

Torgrym the Magnificent

  • Message when attacked:
Torgrym glares over his orb at [Player Name]. "Come on, foight like a man. Been whackin' on those dumb local critters too long, eh? No challenge in 'em, I say."
  • On death:
As he begins his journey back to the lifestone, Torgrym is heard to mutter, "Damn. Bloke must use that Virindi thing... whassit... that funny gear stuff. I'm too... elite... for this..."

Across the Vast Divide

Ulgrim the Unruly

  • On death:
Ulgrim the Unruly tells you, "I should have taken the red pill"
Ulgrim the Unruly tells you, "Now I'll never know what happened to Tuka..."

Throne of Destiny


  • Messages:
Guard tells you, "Do not bother me. Speak with Sir Belfelor."

Sir Belfelor

  • Message:
Sir Belfelor tells you, "You may have fooled Sir Ginazio, outsider, but I know you are working for someone else, and that you seek the Ring of Karlun. I will not attack you, but you will get nothing from me. You may as well leave."
  • On death:
Sir Belfelor tells you, "And so I die by treachery. Go running to your masters, corrupt puppet."

Sir Coretto

  • Message:
Sir Coretto tells you, "I would wager my friend Sir Ginazio sent you to find me. Noble of you, but futile. I am no use to anyone. I am... broken. I have discovered things too terrible to bear."
Sir Coretto tells you, "Please, put me out of my misery. Strike me down so I may die like a true Knight. And when I am dead, take my last testament to Ginazio... So he will know. So they all will know."
  • On death:
Sir Coretto catches your attack, with dire consequences!
Sir Coretto tells you, "Thank you..."

Old Ghosts

Thug Boss

  • Sayings:
Thug Boss says, "Give us Ries Woron and the bloodshed will end."

Picking up the Pieces

High Priestess of T'thuun

  • Sayings:

High Priestess of T'thuun says, "Defilers! Your trespass will be paid for in blood!"
High Priestess of T'thuun says, "Attack!"
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