Introduced:  Strange Sightings
Hurnmel the Smith
Non-Player Killer
Hurnmel the Smith Live
Race Ghost
Title Ghostly Blacksmith
Location 65.4S 44.0W in Graveyard (at night time only) and at the bottom of the Mhoire Armory.
Level 87
Strength 75
Endurance 70
Coordination 70
Quickness 50
Focus 30
Self 30
Health 95
Stamina 165
Mana 70


Accepted Currency

Graveyard Inventory

Books, Paper



Magic Items



Alchemical Items

Mhoire Armory Inventory

Spectral Ingots


Hurnmel the Smith tells you, "It has been many centuries since I have practiced my craft. I will create items for the living, but only for the ancient coins of my lord's house."

Hurnmel the Smith tells you, "the years have stolen memory and skill from me. Choose wisely, for I may create different items in times to come."

Hurnmel the Smith tells you, "You found my sanctum from the daylight. Here I make spectral weapons from the ingots the Forge Golem makes. Bring me a Spectral Ingot and I will sell you one."

Update History

Prodigal Sons

  • Now sells spectral darts and bolts in addition to arrows.

Children of the Prodigal Lord

Foolish Ambition

Risks and Rewards


  • Spectral Mastery Crystals increased in cost from 2 coins to 5.
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