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Hybrid Mage/UA (PvP)

End-Game Innate Attributes

100/100/10/10/100/60 (10 attribute augmentations are included)

End-Game Template


Unarmed Combat, War Magic, Magic Defense


Life Magic, Mana Conversion, Item Enchantment, Creature Enchantment, Missile Defense, Healing, Arcane Lore

Template Benefits

Excellent Advanced PvP template. Enables ability to tailor play style based on the assessed strengths, weaknesses, and situational vulnerabilities of each opponent encountered. Exploit the opponent's end-game weaknesses with the advantages of being effective at both War Magic and Unarmed Combat. Choose extremely high damage ranged attacks or finish the vulnerable enemy on the run. This template also maximizes survivability through high health and defense to magic attack, and the option of a shield during offensive attack. Played moderately well, this template can kill anyone and survive quite the beating while doing it.

Template Downfalls

Does not mature until level 225, 11 augmentations and several skill/attribute redistribution gems have been collected. There is a very slight sacrifice in War magic damage (-10 war magic skill as compared to a full out 100 self/100 focus war mage) and slight sacrifice in UA damage compared to full UA template. 400+ wield UA weapons are the max wield achievable with this template.

Innate Attributes


Innate Skills


War Magic


Life Magic, Mana Conversion

You will have 4 credits remaining



  • At level 5, train Item Enchantment.
  • At level 16, train Creature Enchantment.
  • At level 50, train Melee Defense.
  • At level 90, with both skill credit quests complete, specialize Melee Defense. Also begin collecting the attribute and skill redistribution gems needed to switch to the end-game template. 2x Unspec/train melee defense, specialize UA, specialize magic defense, 9x quickness to endurance, and 4x self to strength gems are needed in total.
  • At level 110, train Arcane Lore.
  • At level 125, begin collecting augmentation gems. 10 x strength attribute augmentations and a +10 to melee skill augmentation gem (to be able to wield 400+ UA weapons) are needed.
  • At level 150, train Healing.
  • At level 225, use the 10 collected attribute augmentation gems, the +10 effective melee skill augmentation, and the saved up skill/attribute redistribution gems to switch to the end-game template.