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The sixth age of the Yalaini. Hyrethis Eipoth translates to Third Age of Lore. This era lasted 663 years.[1][2][3]


Portal Year Yalaini Epothi Event
HE 1 Yalain

Empress Cellaurai declares the beginning of the Hyrethis Eipoth upon the development of practical portal travel by Asheron.[1]

HE 95 Yalain

Adept Delacim arrives at Aerlinthe and opens fixed portals to Ithaenc, Haelan, Knorr, Nesortania, Elancia, Jalis, Aribel, Alastinae, Dernehale, Larchess, and the works at Seral Ipharsis and Lamihaar.[4]

HE 142 Yalain

Nali Athanas reforms the northern church.[4]

HE 145 Yalain

A new temple is built in Aerlinthe.[4]

HE 232 Yalain

Empress Cellaurai disappears while on a tour of Haebrous, with the ultimate intention of holding a moot with the Nali and other high dignitaries of the reformed northern church at Aventin. The Haebrous report that her party attempted to ascend the peaks of the Venalben Range, where gromnatross are known to reside.[4]

HE 233 Yalain

After eighteen months of fruitless searching for Empress Cellaurai, Cashtal Realaidain is declared Emperor. He takes the name Kellin II ("Righteous Lord").[4]

HE 233 to
HE 234

The Order of Perfect Light is created by Asheron.[5]

[Editor's Note: The text is written prior to the Nali relocating to Tentael, is "nearly two years" after the disappearance of Empress Cellaurai, and Kellin II is mentioned as the newly crowned Emperor.]

HE 239 Yalain

The Nali relocates from Aventin to Tentael at the invitation of Emperor Kellin.[4]

HE 347 Yalain

Fifty-six people of Aerlinthe answer the call of Nali Valind, and participate in the extirpation of the Adjanite heretics.[4]

HE 348 Gromnatross, Yalain

The Rejection. Troops returning from Valind's desecration and sack of Ithaenc climb Cunara to seek Aurlanaa's blessing. The gromnatross slays them all on sight, and departs Aerlinthe, never to be seen again.[4]

HE 380 to
HE 459

Approximate time of the death of Delacim.[6]

[Editor's Note: Based on the figure of "more than 1,700 years" that Asheron was said to be alive at the point of writing Delacim's Death.]

HE 459 Olthoi, Yalain

Severe landquakes cause magma flows in the upper forge tunnels of Aerlinthe. Smiths remove to the port while golems effect repairs.[4]

Olthoi Arrive on Auberean.[1]

HE 570 Olthoi, Yalain

Surviving Yalain are pushed back to Dereth by the Olthoi.[1]

HE 647 Olthoi, Yalain

A single Olthoi Queen arrives in Dereth, and begins breeding rapidly in the Black Death Catacombs.

Asheron and his adepts cast the Sundering, sending the surviving Yalain into Portal Space. Asheron sends his adepts away as Olthoi breach their building. Asheron survives and retreats to his castle on Asheron's Island.[1]


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