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One of the original Gharu'ndim factions. The original description[1] reads:

Motto: "Power shared is thus made greater."
Background: The Academy of Sorcery, or al-Ighaz ("the academy"), is an exclusive sect devoted to furthering the study of the arcane arts. It possesses tremendous power within Gharu'ndim society, but seldom deigns to wield it. All wizards of moderate power are invited to join the al-Ighaz; those who do not are looked upon with disfavor for keeping their secrets to themselves. The al-Ighaz rarely operate in the field in numbers, as do the warrior factions, although many individual members adventure on their own. The al-Ighaz and the Walim sometimes overlap in interests and duties, but the Academy cares little for any of the other factions – least of all the al-Khuraqa.
Current: As of yet, no sign of the Academy's resurrection have been seen. However, there are plenty of opportunities to form a powerful society devoted to Dereth's magic, so perhaps, as knowledge grows... [1]
  • The Academy of the al-Ighaz was based in Tirethas[2]
  • Some scholars taught their apprentices the Sho virtues of the Four Stones of Jojii.[2]

Notable Members[]