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Instructions for Essence Recovery
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  • Value: 10
  • Burden: 5
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  • Instructions on procuring samples of the four Essences.

Instructions: Travel to the Arcanum Research Facility outside of Al-Jalima and collect four Enchanted Decanters.

Important Note: Do not use the Nullified Essence potion that Ciandra gives you if you wish to fight the Essences. The Essence Chamber is inaccessible once the Harbinger's link to them is broken by the Nullification Barrier the potion creates.

Travel to Old Yanshi and gain access to the Tunnels of the Harbinger by talking to the two creatures that control the portals. Our Agents report a series of Essence Chambers that the Harbinger has trapped the Essences in. Find these chambers and destroy the Essences.

Use the decanter on their Crystallized Essence remains to obtain the samples I require. Return to me with all four of the samples and I will reward you for your assistance.

-- Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist


Talar the Apprentice tells you, "The four Essences have sunken into the ground below Old Yanshi. The Menhir rings that once focused and held them have been overpowered by the Harbinger's magic and he now feeds from their power."

Talar the Apprentice tells you, "Yes, you look skilled enough to help me. I require a sample from each of the four Essences below Old Yanshi."

Talar the Apprentice tells you, "All of the Arcanum's attempts at collecting these samples ourselves have failed. Fifteen of our best agents were defeated in a recent attempt on the Essence of Verdancy. Find yourself a group of adventurers at least as powerful as you before you go anywhere near these new Essences."

Talar the Apprentice tells you, "First, you need to retrieve four Enchanted Decanters from the Arcanum Research Facility outside of Al-Jalima. You will use these decanters to collect each Essence's essence. The details are in these instructions."

Talar the Apprentice gives you Instructions for Essence Recovery.

Talar the Apprentice tells you, "Good luck and don't underestimate the power of the Essences. They are raw magic after all."

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