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Invoker Quest
Level: 70
Type: Fellowship/Solo
Starts With: Aun Aulakhe
Starts At: Aun Settlement
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • You must first complete the Buadren Quest before you can begin upgrading it to an Invoker.
  • This quest features a complicated series of levers to pull to advance through the dungeons. These can be done solo, but it may be easier to have a group to assist. You do not need a Buadren in order to enter the dungeon, so you can enlist the help of anyone who is willing to help.

Walkthrough & Notes

Note: The walk through below is written for someone who is doing the quest solo. Aegis/health rations/potions are *strongly* recommended. It is also recommended that you study the map and familiarize yourself with the hidden portal locations (Lilitha/Empyrean rooms). Unless you are a mage or using a magic defense rare, you will likely not be able to resist all of the spells cast by the rifts/dolls.

If you happen to be doing this quest with a group, it is faster to study the map and decide who will hit which levers to speed the process. If soloing, you will not want to fight anything, as you must move quickly to get to each door before it closes again. It is also recommended to read the entire walk through before starting as many steps must be done quickly after one another.

  1. Speak to Aun Aulakhe in the Aun Settlement.
  2. Pick up an Akiekie Ember on the ground near Aun Aulakhe.
  3. Enter the Portal Space dungeon portal nearby.
  4. Segment 1
    1. Pull the gem lever near the yellow door to open the blue door. You will be entering the blue section on the first dungeon map.
    2. Go through the blue door and all the way to the bottom where another blue door is closed. Be careful to avoid the passageway with a hidden portal to the Lilitha section on the way down.
    3. Pull the gem lever (lever 7) in the room with the closed blue door.
    4. Run back up and use the passageway with the hidden portal to the Lilitha section. See the map to know where it is.
    5. From the drop in the Lilitha section, quickly heal if you need to, then click on the door to open it.
    6. Find and use the orange portal. This will take you to the orange section of the first dungeon.
    7. Run down the very similar passage in the orange section to the bottom. Again be careful to avoid the Lilitha hidden portal passageway. Note that it is in a different location in each color section of the dungeon.
    8. Run through the open door (door 7) at the bottom and into the orange portal to the second dungeon.
    9. Heal and take a breather before starting segment 2.
  5. Segment 2
    1. Head straight and go down the long staircase which is made of steps that look like portals.
    2. At the bottom, run into the large room and quickly hit the gem lever (lever 4).
    3. Run back up the portal staircase. Note that sometimes you may have to do a shift jump to get to the next step. The staircase is a bit glitchy going up. Go as fast as you can.
    4. At the top, run into the orange portal straight ahead. This will take you back to the bottom of the orange section of the first dungeon.
    5. Pull the lever right next to you at the drop point (lever 8)! Then run upward and find the passageway to Lilitha's section.
    6. From the Lilitha section drop, quickly heal if needed, then find the yellow portal and take it.
    7. Run down from the yellow section drop, avoiding the passageway to Lilitha's. Go through the open door (door 8) at the bottom and take the yellow portal to the second dungeon.
    8. From the drop, take the first passageway to the right and follow it down and to the left until you get to a large room at the bottom.
    9. Run through the open door (door 4).
    10. Stop, heal, and take a breather after going through the door. Avoid turning left beyond the door or you will take a hidden portal before you want to.
  6. Segment 3
    1. Head south into a large room with flashing lighting.
    2. Go east to the closed door and hit the gem lever (lever 5). Note you will take damage from the lightning. Be quick!
    3. Head back north to the yellow door you came through, and run into the passage just right of the door. There is a hidden portal the Empyrean section (see map).
    4. From the drop in the Empyrean section, turn around and open the door and take the green portal. This will take you to the green section of the second dungeon.
    5. Run north through the lightning field and hit the gem lever (lever 6) through the open door (door 5).
    6. Continue north into a large room, run around the building in the center and hit the gem lever (lever 10).
    7. Run back the way you came and as far south as you can go. The passageway to the far south contains the hidden portal to the Empyrean section.
    8. From the Empyrean drop, head southeast across the room. Beware of lightning damage! Open the door and take the blue portal. This will take you to the blue section of the second dungeon.
    9. Run south through the lightning field (beware!) and through the open door (door 6).
    10. Continue south into a larger room and run around the building and into the door (door 10).
    11. Take the portal inside into the final dungeon.
  7. The final dungeon has no levers. Head west and then north up the stairs. Follow the linear path.
  8. When you reach a larger room, head either east or west. It doesn't matter which way.
  9. When you reach another large room, jump up the portal staircase to reach Aun Tanua.
  10. Give Aun Tanua the Akiekie Ember. He will give you back a Burning Akiekie Ember.
  11. You cannot portal recall back, so head back downstairs to a room that has an exit portal in the center. Do not take any of the "colored" portals in the side rooms.
  12. Hand the Burning Akiekie Ember to Aun Aulakhe. He will then ask for your Buadren.
  13. Give him the Buadren and he will upgrade it to an Invoker.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Entrance to Portal Space (Start) 82.8N 21.2E -- 526C
Entrance to Portal Space (Mid) 82.8N 21.2E -- 526B
Entrance to Portal Space (Final) 82.8N 21.2E -- 526A


Give Burning Akiekie Ember to Aun Aulakhe
Experience: 30,000,000 (100% up to level 81)



Opening Dialog

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "Several moons ago, my father Shimauri summoned us to his accustomed story hour, to tell of a story never heard by my generation.

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "Long ago, in the combined pasts of the Hea and Aun, Aun Tanua was a nigh-legendary warrior who was beloved by our xuta. He left our gates to challenge the Puh in his mudflats of Ahurenga, never to return. We thought perhaps he had been captured or slain by the Hea, but now we have discovered the truth
when they were unable to conquer him, the Hea called upon the Atua ngamaru. Answering them, the floating demons bore down and plunged him down into the depths of the Lightning-Sea, never to be heard of again.

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "My task is to find warriors brave enough to enter the Lightning-Sea, who can search for him and bring him back to us. My buhdi Tikakhe tells me that you might be the person we are looking for.

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "When you find Tanua, warm him with the ember of the akiekie fire that you see on the ground, for there is no telling how Aun Tanua's mind might have fared in his captivity.

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "My training, both in my homeland and with the Aualuan of your xuta, has taught me to create the Burning Pools that shimmer upon the Lightning-Sea. I have opened such a portal on the surface of the akiekie pond, and if you dare swim its depths, enter it and find Aun Tanua!

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "A word of advice
All must depend upon the coordination of their fellows to navigate the Shimmering Sea. Farewell, and Tanae speed you in your hunt."

Lilitha inclines her head toward you and waits, looking numbly expectant

Lilitha reaches toward you, and absently gropes her own face. She seems confused

Lilitha tells you, "That one is... The box hasn't seen flesh poison in... in a long time.

Lilitha tells you, "Person. The box meant person."

Lilitha tells you, "They brought a man here once. They split him open and scooped out his insides. They made a pile, like sticky fruit. Then they put other things inside him that glowed red and purple.

Lilitha tells you, "One of the Masters said they learned how to do it by studying the box. It said the man's name was Martine."

Lilitha tells you, "They put a thing in the box's head. A crystal thing. When the box becomes agitated it screams. The Masters told the box it is a keeper."

Lilitha tells you, "Attentive."

Lilitha tells you, "The box attends the master."

Lilitha tells you, "They took the box outside in a cloud. It's nothing but purple. You could fall forever, and everything was bent this way and that. But in some places there were blue ribbons that crackled and danced."

Lilitha tells you, "There were things around the ribbons. They looked like glowing water and trailed strings of jelly. They turned as the box went by and poked each other with the jelly-strings. They were the size of houses. Maybe. Size doesn't work right outside."

Lilitha blinks at you uncomprehendingly

Lilitha tells you, "Why is that one on the other side of the wall?"

Lilitha tells you, "The box used to count the days with marks on the walls. It used its fingernails. It counted four years. Then they changed the walls so they wouldn't mark. That was a long time ago."

Lilitha tells you, "Does that one see the hand? It is not the box's hand. They took that. They put it in a glass bubble and it turned into fog. They attached the box to this one later. Sometimes the hand talks to the box."

Lilitha tells you, "The box doesn't know what they are. They didn't talk at first. They just kept stabbing glass pins into the box. The first thing they said was the box's own voice, like an echo. Then they started putting the box's words together in different ways."

Lilitha tells you, "Temenua. That one caught the box as it slept. It brought the box to a child, and the child gave it to these things.

An angry blush colors Lilitha's cheeks, and an unexpected gleam rises in her eyes..

Lilitha tells you, "It BOUND me. No one EVER --

... but a faint, glissando shriek comes from her head. She flinches, and the gleam dies as quickly as it came.

Lilitha tells you, "They took the box apart twice. First they looked for what was inside the box, but they said it was empty. Then they wanted to know what made the box go.

Lilitha tells you, "They did it with blue lights. They drew lines on the box and it fell to pieces.

Lilitha tells you, "They wouldn't let the box move. The box watched it happen, until the light reached its eyes.

Lilitha tells you, "It... hurt me...

Lilitha abruptly falls to her knees and begins to retch, hugging herself tightly.
Handing in Akiekie Ember

You give Aun Tanua Akiekie Ember

Aun Tanua gently cups the ember in his clawed hands, and as its glow warms his skin, his past gradually seeps into memory. For the first instant in an endless monotony of time, he remembers. Ezheret. Palenqual. Timaru. Home

As determination and strength return to the old warrior's stance, he turns to you once more

Aun Tanua tells you, "I have no knowledge of how long I have been imprisoned here. Endless half moments on moments, my memory failing, my own keh draining away...All I know is that I cannot leave, for the Atua ngamaru have me captured inside these walls of light.

Aun Tanua tells you, "My own Timaru is far from me, but you have brought me an ember of her heart, and once again my people are with me. You must have been sent with this gift by one of my brethren, and for that I thank you.

Aun Tanua tells you, "There is but one way to let my brothers envision my fate, and I must ask one more favor of you.

Aun Tanua lifts the akiekie ember to his face and softly blows across its faintly glowing surface. As his keh suffuses the ember, it suddenly fans into a flame. He holds it a moment longer, then relinquishes it to your care

Aun Tanua gives you Burning Akiekie Ember

Aun Tanua tells you, "Give this to the one that sent you here to me. He will understand its intent and what should be done. Go now, and if you ever tread upon the shores of Palenqual, let her know I am with her."
Handing in Burning Akiekie Ember

You give Aun Aulakhe Burning Akiekie Ember

Aun Aulakhe carefully lifts the glowing ember from your hands and gazes into it with awe

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "Aun Tanua was unable to return with you again, but look! He has infused this ember with his own keh. I wonder...

Aulakhe kneels down and carefully adds the glowing ember to the encampment's fire.v

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "This is a triumph, for even though he remains in captivity, Aun Tanua's spirit can now dance with our ancestors in the akiekie fire. For this I must reward you, for you have done the Tonk of Timaru a great service this day.

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "Give me the magic Buadren you received from Tikakhe, and I will add to its medicine.

Aun Saritea stands protectively in front of his fledgling akiekie

You give Aun Aulakhe Buadren

Aun Aulakhe takes your Buadren and carefully leans into the heat and smoke of the fire. He slowly starts to beat the drum, infusing it with the heat and magic now emanating from the fire's warmth. As he drums, the fire's glow coalesces around the drum with a shimmering intensity. When it seems as if the Buadren itself will catch fire, Aulakhe removes it from the flames

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "You have done the Aun of Timaru a great service today, and for this I shall reward you. I have bound this Buadren to Aun Tanua's own keh, so you may carry it against your enemies. In your time of greatest need, invoke him, and he will come to your aid.

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "My own mission here is not finished, for I shall not walk through the gates of Timaru until the day when Aun Tanua himself may walk beside me. If you would like to brave Aun Tanua's prison once more, come to me after the Shining Twins have finished their journey, when I will have regained the strength to stabilize the Lightning-Sea.

You've earned 30,000,000 experience

Aun Aulakhe gives you Invoker.

Update History

Fever Dreams

  • Quest introduced.

Across the Vast Divide

A New Threat


  • XP reward increased from 4,000,000 to 28,000,000 (30% up to level 110).

Filling in the Blanks

  • XP reward increased from 28,000,000 (30% up to level 110) to 30,000,000 (100% up to level 81).

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.