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Introduced:  Gears of Change Related Quests:  Blank Augmentation Gem Quests
Iron Skin of the Invincible
Iron Skin of the Invincible Icon.png
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 50
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • Using this gem will drain 2,000,000,000 of your available experience.
  • Using this gem will increase your damage reduction rating by 3. This augmentation cannot be repeated.


Emily Yarow tells you, "If you want to discover the secret of reducing the amount of damage you take from attacks bring me a blank augmentation gem."
Emily Yarow tells you, "You can get a blank augmentation gem from Fiun Rehlyun on the Halaetan Islands."

You give Emily Yarow Tristra's Essence.
Emily Yarow tells you, "Use this gem to reduce the amount of damage you take from attacks. Make sure you read the gem's inscription first, though."
Emily Yarow gives you Iron Skin of the Invincible.