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Isin Dule
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Before he left, his scream of betrayal was heard by the triumphant humans. “Dule! Base traitor! I sense your art in this artifact assembled by the last Yalain. Thee and thine are banished from Our sight for all time, and ye shall be hunted until the stars fall from their course! Marked are thee!” [1]

Empyrean Shadow War

You hear a childish voice say, "Long ago there were five, but now there are three. They will have their revenge."[2]

The Fourth Sending of Darkness

  • Ilservian's surviving friends became corporeal once more and raised the Thorns, using them to alter the patterns of magic in the world. But Isin Dule had misgivings. He remembered the final days of the last war, his friend's blank expression when the planar energy was felt, and the compulsion that had come upon him. “It is likely a trap, brother,” he told Ilservian, and still they had gone. [3]
  • Isin Dule's faction of shadows seemed alarmed by the Hopeslayer's blind rage, and appeared to be working to keep him imprisoned.[4] Fearing that Ilservian Palacost is insane and will bring about the destruction of the world, one of his first acts is to command his forces to guard the Nexus Crystal from destruction.[5] But this first attempt to protect the council's trap failed. The humans of Ispar gained access to the Nexus Facility, and a second piece of Ilservian's prison was destroyed. [3]
  • He withheld his forces and did not help Ler Rhan in conquering the Fenmalain Vestibule.[6] Going even further, Dule's Shadows, following the forces of the Empyreans who defended Fenmalain Vestibule and Shendolain Vestibule, moved to defend the third vault, named the Caulnalain Vestibule [7] [3][8]
  • The destruction of the 6th and last Crystal, the Shard of the Herald, took place with help of the generals Black Ferah and Ler Rhan and their Isparian allies.
  • Dule now openly declares opposition to Ilservian Palacost. During the parlay between Empyreans, Virindi and the Shadow Faction of Isin Dule, he points out one of the weaknesses of Ilservian Palacost and explains the whereabouts of the Heart of Shadow which is guarded by forces of Ferah of Daralet.[9][10]
  • Ilservian Palacost is weakened and his physical form destroyed[11], however, Ferah and Ler Rhan are not.[1] When Ilservian Palacost was defeated, he exiled Dule and his forces from the ranks of the “true” Shadows.[12] Isin Dule disappears[13][14] and retreats to "somewhere in the lonely wastes".[1]

The War of Blood and Shadow

Joining the Ranks of the Isparians

  • Isin Dule finds a way to remove the "taint" from those following him by studying the work of Aerbax. Asheron sends him one of his Lifestones, and the Shadow faction of Isin Dule joins the Isparian people. [23][24][25][26]

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