Isin Dule (Arwic)
Non-Player Killer
Isin Dule (Arwic) Live
Race Shadow
Title Umbral High King
Location In Arwic at 33.4N, 56.9E
Level 615
Strength 600
Endurance 620
Coordination 300
Quickness 400
Focus 400
Self 400
Health 20,000
Stamina 5,000
Mana 3,000


Lore & Dialog

Isin Dule tells you, "I do not have time for idle chat, citizen. A shadow spire has appeared near Tou-Tou and we must discover the cause of this incident."

Forces of Nature Lore and Puzzle Hints for Access to the Viridian Rise Dialog:
You tell Isin Dule, "Viridian Rise"
Isin Dule tells you, "Yes, I sensed a darkness attack one of the elder trees. Something corrupt gnaws at the roots of the great tree. When I investigated the area I found the guardians. Although their ritual is hidden from my eyes, my research did reveal the following about the magics of those guardians."
Isin Dule tells you, "The Guardian of Spruce must be invoked at some point after the Guardian of Willow."

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