Introduced:  Into the Darkness Related Quests:  Harbinger Quest
Non-Player Killer
Issk Live
Race Sclavus
Title Chomu Priest
Location 12.9S, 46.5E, east of Yanshi
Level 145
Strength 300
Endurance 300
Coordination 320
Quickness 260
Focus 340
Self 340
Health 530
Stamina 450
Mana 500


Lore & Dialogue

Issk tells you, "You seek to assist she who sings to the world? Well you should. She has risen from the ashes to call all to her side. She seeks to repair the hurt wreaked upon the land and close the wounds that hemorrhage still."
Issk tells you, "Would you take up her banner and stride forth into the darkness wherein the true enemy lies? I think you weak."
Issk tells you, "I think you know fear. I think you suffer and sufer you shall. She bids me give you this."
Issk gives you Natural Order.
Issk tells you, "She bids you read it. She bids you understand. She bids you complete the task and return to me. She needs the proof of your resolve. She needs to see that you will not fail."

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