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Item Enchantment
Description Allows you to cast spells that affect items' properties.
Formula (Focus + Self) / 4
Base Status Unusable
Cost to Train 8
Cost to Specialize 8
Buffs & Debuffs Item Enchantment Spells, Focus Spells, Willpower Spells


Item Enchantment allows the user to in increase or decrease certain item properties. It also allows for the use of portal magic.

Item Enchantment is also called the School of the Right Hand.

Spell Bonuses

Quick reference table to look up spell effects when writing entries (HL is Hermetic Link and SD is Spirit Drinker).

VII +22 +17% +17% -70 +7% +70% +220 +170%
VI +20 +15% +15% -60 +6% +60% +200 +150%
V +16 +13% +13% -50 +5% +50% +150 +100%
IV +12 +10% +10% -40 +4% +40% +100 +75%
III +8 +7.5% +7.5% -30 +3% +30% +75 +50%
II +4 +5% +5% -20 +2% +20% +50 +25%
I +2 +3% +3% -10 +1% +10% +20 +10%

Starting Equipment

All Character Races:

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Update History


  • Introduced.

Lonely In The World

  • Level VII Item Enchantment spells introduced.

The Changing of the Ways

  • Skill icon changed to a hammer.
    Old icon:
        Item Enchantment (Old) Icon.png

Across the Vast Divide

  • If a player is selected, casting spells will buff or debuff the chest area of the target. This feature was later removed.

Pillars Made of Sand

  • Item Enchantment Redirection introduced: by selecting yourself as a target, you can now cast Bane and Impenetrability spells on all your equipped items at once.

Lessons from the Past

  • Weapon Auras were introduced, replacing the single-item spells. Weapon auras, both buffs and debuffs, are cast on the character and affect all applicable weapons. Debuffs now only last 30 seconds in PvP combat, but last the full duration in PvE combat.
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