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Body of Jaleh al-Thani Live
Jaleh al-Thani
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Human says, "I run a business of repute - I am the mayor of this town."[1]

Founder[2][3] [4] and self-proclaimed Mayor or Bey of Ayan Baqur.[5], husband of Aaminah[6]. His eyes saw the world as profit to be made [7] and he was always looking to make a bargain.[8][9]

When he went missing[10], it was rumored that he was killed by Nuhmudira because she threatened to kill him[11] when he asked to many questions[12] and accused her of using dark magic[13] It turned out he was sacrificed by an old friend[14], Oswald in the Heart of Innocence.[15][16] [17]

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Body of Jaleh al-Thani Icon Body of Jaleh al-ThaniHeart of the Innocent Icon Heart of the InnocentJaleh's Chain Shirt Icon Jaleh's Chain ShirtJaleh's Finery Chest Icon Jaleh's Finery ChestJaleh's Leggings Icon Jaleh's LeggingsJaleh's Necklace Icon Jaleh's NecklaceJaleh's Silk Shirt Icon Jaleh's Silk ShirtJaleh's Slippers Icon Jaleh's SlippersJaleh's Turban Icon Jaleh's TurbanJaleh's Wedding Ring Icon Jaleh's Wedding RingMagnificent Bracelet Icon Magnificent BraceletReflection of Jaleh al-Thani Icon Reflection of Jaleh al-Thani



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