Introduced:  The Gathering Storm Related Quests:  Arcanum Furniture
Jasin of the Arcanum
Non-Player Killer
Jasin of the Arcanum Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Apprentice
Location Arcanum Furniture Shop in the Hollow Lair near Lytelthorpe at 2.2S, 50.7E
Level 14
Strength 100
Endurance 100
Coordination 100
Quickness 100
Focus 100
Self 100
Health 110
Stamina 165
Mana 135




Books, Paper


Lore & Dialog


Jasin of the Arcanum tells you, "Good day. Thank you for helping out the Arcanum. As such, I have been instructed to make available to you these specialty items for your home decoration. We have a lovely fountain, an interesting lawn ornament, a handy inscribable plaque, a useful chalk board and a melodious doorbell you can use in your home. I hope you enjoy."

Buying From

Jasin of the Arcanum tells you, "I'm sure this will be a fine addition to your home."

Selling To

Jasin of the Arcanum tells you, "I usually don't purchase anything."


Jasin of the Arcanum tells you, "Walk carefully, friend. It's a dangerous place out there."

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