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Character Summary
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Jester was once employed by Lord Cynreft and the House Mhoire. [1]

In an attempt to protect his lord and nobles from being turned by Lord Rytheran and His Eternal Splendor, the Jester confronted Rytheran with a plan to trick him for godlike power and in exchange he would give the house over to him. However, he was also betrayed and the Book of Eibhil left him mad with power, allowing Rytheran and the imperial court to use him to locate the House Mhoire and destroy it. [1]

Interpreting the Jester's actions as betrayal, Lord Cynref captured him and chained and sealed him behind a wall within Jester's Prison. [1] [2]

Laylana was the Jester's fiancée. [3]

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Arcane Pyramid Icon.png Arcane PyramidJester's Baton Icon.png Jester's BatonJester's Entombment Wall Icon.png Jester's Entombment WallJester's Marbles Icon.png Jester's MarblesFile:Jester's Marker Icon.png Jester's MarkerThe Jester (Card) Icon.png The Jester (Card)Jester's Token Icon.png Jester's TokenSummoning Stone Icon.png Summoning Stone



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