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Jester's Cards
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 100+
Type: Solo
Starts With: Jester (Optional)
Starts At: Graveyard at 65.8S, 43.8W (Use Summoning Stone)
Repeat: 20 Hours


Obtain a complete deck of Jester's missing cards to obtain a reusable spell gem that will cast +15 Focus (Deck of Eyes) or +15 Coordination (Deck of Hands) for 10 minutes. The two decks have a shared 60 minute cooldown timer.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

  1. Obtain the cards listed below from undead creatures in the Graveyard (random trophies) and the Jester quests Jester Released and Jester's Lost Marbles.
  2. Combine two cards from the same deck in order from Ace to King until you have a complete deck of 13 cards. There is also a a rare card, The Jester, which is wild and can be used in place of any other card.
    1. Ace of Eyes or Ace of Hands
    2. Two of Eyes or Two of Hands
    3. Three of Eyes or Three of Hands
    4. Four of Eyes or Four of Hands
    5. Five of Eyes or Five of Hands
    6. Six of Eyes or Six of Hands
    7. Seven of Eyes or Seven of Hands
    8. Eight of Eyes or Eight of Hands
    9. Nine of Eyes or Nine of Hands
    10. Ten of Eyes or Ten of Hands
    11. Jack of Eyes or Jack of Hands
    12. Queen of Eyes or Queen of Hands
    13. King of Eyes or King of Hands
    14. Deck of Eyes or Deck of Hands
  3. Once you have combined a complete suit of cards into a deck, give the deck to Jester at 65.8S, 43.8W who will return an activated deck.
    • Tip: It's best to hand during the day even though Jester can be summoned during the night. And make sure you're in no immediate danger, it's worth your time to clear any dangerous creatures that come over to you first, then use the Summoning Stone. He takes a good 15–20 seconds from when you hand the completed deck until he returns the new item.


  • The same creatures/quests that give cards can also give a Jester's Token. The token lets you gamble for a new card by giving the token to a Casino boss. The boss then permits you to give the card you want to gamble to a High-Stakes Gamesmaster. The Gamesmaster will return a new, random card. The token is attuned and bonded, cards are not. The token is only good for a single exchange of cards.
  • The combined deck is tradable, but once you hand to jester and it's activated and is Attuned (not ivoryable) and can only be used by the character that turned it in.


Give the complete Deck of Eyes to Jester
Give the complete Deck of Hands to Jester


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Opening Dialog

Jester tells you, "Hey there little person. Have you seen my cards around? I had two decks, but I can't seem to find them. I probably put them down somewhere when I was talking to the lalas."

Jester tells you, "It's too bad, I think much more clearly when I can focus on something like my cards or puzzles and games and..."

Jester tells you, "Hey there little person! Gosh you people are everywhere. I was just talking to one of you."

Jester tells you, "If you find a whole deck of cards can you bring it back for me? I promise I won't turn you into a frathock if you do. I might turn you into something else funny though. I can't swear I won't, but definitely not a frathock, which is a big deal since they are my favorite."

Jester tells you, "Okay bye now."
Showing a card to Jester

You allow Jester to examine your Seven of Hands.

Jester tells you, "Oh goody, you found one. Come back when you have the whole deck."
Showing Jester's Token to Jester

Jester tells you, "Hehe, a token for gambling your cards. What fun! Go see the Gambling Bosses about using this. I made them a deal they couldn't refuse. They're still alive so I guess they agreed. Let me"
Giving Jester's Token to a Den of Iniquity boss

You give Monty the Munificent Jester's Token.

Monty the Munificent tells you, "Very well. You may gamble one card with the High-Stakes Gamesmaster over there."

Monty the Munificent tells you, "I don't know why I agreed to gamble these cards. That funny fellow was just so persuasive! I agreed before I even asked myself the most important question in gambling. What's my take?"

You give Aluvian High-Stakes Gamesmaster Seven of Hands.

The Gamesmaster takes your card and shuffles it into a large deck in front of her. She then fans the deck out in front of you.

Aluvian High-Stakes Gamesmaster tells you, "Pick a card. Pick any card you like. All selections are final."

You carefully slip one card out and turn it over to find...

Aluvian High-Stakes Gamesmaster gives you Two of Hands.

You give Aluvian High-Stakes Gamesmaster Two of Hands.

Aluvian High-Stakes Gamesmaster gives you Two of Hands.

Aluvian High-Stakes Gamesmaster tells you, "The Boss has to get a Jester Token before I will gamble any cards with you."
Giving a completed deck to Jester

You give Jester Deck of Eyes.

Jester tells you, "A whole deck? You found all thirteen cards?"

The Jester holds the cards to his ear and flips through them.

Jester tells you, "Yep, it's all there. Wowwie, You sure do have a lot of time on your hands!"

Jester tells you, "I've already made myself a new deck. Since you went to the trouble of finding it you can have this one. First, let me charge it up."

The Jester puts the cards between his hands and begins to giggle. Sparks coruscate across his teeth and his eyes roll back into his head.

Jester tells you, "Now where did I put that spell? Ah, here it is!"

The deck begins to glow and then brighten in stages.

The Jester's Eyes reappear and he hands you the glowing deck back.

Jester gives you Deck of Eyes.

Jester tells you, "There you go all, charged up and ready for fun and games!"

Jester tells you, "You need to give it some time to recharge after you use it. An hour should do it."

Jester tells you, "Ok, get out of here kid. I have lots and lots of things to do."

Update History[]

Upping the Ante

  • Quest introduced.