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Jester's Lost Marbles
Level: 160
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Jester
Starts At: Graveyard at 65.7S, 43.8W (Use Summoning Stone)
Repeat: 20 Hours


The Jester in the Graveyard has lost his marbles, return them to him and then complete his test in the Mhoire Armory.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Jester's Marbles and Markers

  1. Go to 62.8S, 45.1W to get up onto the cliffside. Follow the ledge around to 65.1S 43.7W and pick up the Jester's Marbles.
  2. Return the marbles to Jester and he will open a portal to the Mhoire Armory.
    • Tip: If you miss it there is also a fixed location portal at 64.8S 44.3W inside a bunker. This same portal can be used to get back if you die, or when repeating the quest.
  3. Explore the armory and find all 10 of Jester's Markers.
    • Warning: The dungeon is filled with very high level ghosts such as Corrupted Maidens that hit extremely hard but are slow moving. If you are running past them, as long as you avoid getting close they won't sticky melee and are too slow to catch up to you. Fighting is probably counterproductive, the ghosts are both high health and highly resistant.
  4. There are many locked doors that are one way locked (can be opened from the other side). There are two options here, you can either use lockpick skill (doors are 330 difficulty) to pick doors (fastest) or there are Armory Captains at the top of each armory wing that drop a 8 hour keys that open the doors for that wing. You can get to each captain without LP:
    1. East Armory Key
    2. North Armory Key
    3. West Armory Key
    4. South Armory Key
  5. There are 2 markers in the West Armory, 3 markers in the North Armory, 2 markers in the East Armory, 1 marker in the South Armory, and 2 markers in the Forge (bottom) area (see map).
  6. When you use the 10th and final marker, a Jester's Marker will be put in your pack. Bring it to the Jester in GY (southern Summoning Stone again) for your rewards.

Part 2: Mhoire Armory Forge

  1. In addition to the markers (can skip markers if you do not want the xp or title rewards), there is a Forge Golem that drops 10 Forge Vault Keys to the nearby Forge Vault. He is on the Forge level, all paths that do not involve passing a destroyable door lead to his room. One way to go is from the Forge portal drop, take the south passage, go past a round room on the left, go left at the next Y intersection, then stick right until you come to a large room, the golem will be in the middle. (A lot in the room, some prefer to go into north tunnel then lure golem and fight there.)
  2. After looting keys from the golem, go north and use the key to open the Forge Vault that contains a Spectral Ingot and may also contain GY cards and one or two Mhoire coins. Just past the vault is another version of Hurnmel the Smith (he says he comes here during the day, though he is always there).
  3. He sells the Spectral weapon stamps. These are summoning gems that when used put the weapon in your pack, the weapon will last 3 days and then expire. However it's possible to convert the weapon into a Soul Bound version that is permanent. Do this by adding a Spectral Binding Stone sold by Hurnmel the Smith in Gravyard for 15 Ancient Mhoire Coins.
    • Warning: The weapons are drop on death, so wait to use the stamp until you have the binding stone if you don't want to risk losing it.
    • Optional: On the table by Hurnmel is a ToDo List (misc lore item).


  • If you do not want the title or xp rewards, you do not need to find the markers.
  • When repeating the quest, you do not need to give the marbles to Jester.
  • You cannot log in the dungeon, it will send you to the Lifestone when logging back in. The dungeon is a "No item drop on death" dungeon, even Dropped on Death items will not drop. The dungeon is large and extremely dangerous. The markers show up when using "Find Next Item".

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Mhoire Armory 64.8S 44.3W 00EA 00EA.gif --


Find Jester's Marbles and return them to Jester
Titles: Marble Wrangler
Find 9 of Jester's Markers and give the 10th to Jester
Experience: 131,565,000 (20% up to level 180)
Titles: Secret Keeper
Loot the Forge Vault


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Asheron's Call Mhoire Armory Quest

Asheron's Call Mhoire Armory Quest


Opening Dialog

Jester tells you, "I'm just a fool after all. I'm here to dance, joke and sing. I'm here to distract you from what's re*grk*"

The Jester clutches his mouth and begins to laugh uncontrollably.

Jester tells you, "I lost my marbles yesterday... I'm always losing them."

Jester tells you, "If you happen upon my marbles could you please return them to me?"

Jester tells you, "I don't think I was very far from here."
Giving Jester's Marbles to Jester

You give Jester Jester's Marbles.

Jester tells you, "Hey! You found my marbles!"

The Jester holds the sack of marbles lovingly.

Jester says, "I missed you guys."

The Jester looks up at you and quickly stashes his marbles away. He then points down at the ground in front of you. As soon as you look at the place he is pointing to he smacks you in the head with a stamp reading "Marble Wrangler."

Jester tells you, "First you help me escape from that horrible prison. And now you found my marbles! You're trying to get on my good side aren't you?"

Jester tells you, "Perhaps you have time for a little test? I promise it won't hurt."

Jester tells you, "Of course excruciating pain or death aren't really something I understand to well anymore... I'm sure it will be fine."

The Jester summons a portal to the Mhoire Armory.

Jester tells you, "Somewhere through that portal you will find ten markers I've placed around. Simply touch every marker and return the final marker to me to complete the test."

Jester tells you, "I'm sure a job well done will be payment enough, but perhaps you might find something of value in the armory. And I may tell you a secret if you like."
Giving Jester's Marker to Jester

You give Jester Jester's Marker.

Jester tells you, "Hooray! You pass the test!"

Then the Jester says something so horrible your mind refuses to grasp it's meaning. A memory of ageless horrors fills your mind.

You've earned 131,565,000 experience.

You are awarded the Title "Secret Keeper".

Jester tells you, "Now, I'm going to tell you a secret."

The Jester leans in close. You smell his sickly sweet breath.

Jester tells you, "The Blighted Dreamer is almost awake. His children walk the land. His eyes are everywhere."
Other Interactions

<Player> strikes the final blow and the Forge Golem crumbles. Bits of ghostly blue metal can be seen in it's remains.

You found all of the Jester's Markers.

A marker appears in your pack.

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days (markers) and 6 days (key pickup) to 20 hours.
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