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Jester Focuses
Level: 160
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Jester
Starts At: Graveyard at 64.6S 43.8W (Use Summoning Stone)
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Jester Focuses
Quest Chain: 1. Jester's Lost Marbles
2. Jester Focuses


Help the Jester clear out the voices of the lalalas from his head for bit.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Go to Graveyard at 62.8S 45.1 where you can climb up onto the cliff ledge.
  2. Follow the ledge back towards Graveyard and at 63.1S 44.3W is the entrance to the Knathtead Excavation. Some archers and mages have had success solo by perching on ledges near the end.
    • Note: With a large group the best way to make your way down is for the mages to imperil all the little k'naths then let the archers and melees kill them.
    • Note: Solo tip| When you reach the section of the valley that houses the K'nath Mother and leyline, run in circles around the K'naths to force them into melee mode. They rarely cast war spells again once in this mode.
  3. The Knathtead spawns become more dense as you continue into the valley cut. At the end of the valley is the K'nath Mother. She drops 9x Piece of K'nath Core and respawns after 5 minutes. Each person in your group will need one.
  4. Return to Graveyard and summon the Jester again, give the Piece of K'nath Core to the Jester. He will give you a K'nath Core.
  5. Get a Rytheran's Master Seal while you are in Graveyard. It is in the Ancient Chest in a bunker at 65.6S, 43.9W at the south end of the Graveyard (near south summoning stone).
  6. Go to Lord Rytheran's Private Sanctum accessed by handing the Master Seal to the Master's Sentinel statue located at 74.7N, 18.4E north of Neydisa Castle.
    • Note: Once you have handed the Master Seal to the statue once then you are flagged to enter forever. From then on just use the statue to be teleoprted into the dungeon.
  7. Once inside Lord Rytheran's Private Sanctum, the drop is safe so make sure you are buffed and have a fire weapon buffed as you will encounter numerous undead in this dungeon. When ready, proceed north and then east through the dungeon and you will come upon Imperial Guards and Imperial Archivists, kill them and continue on until you come upon a room with a 3-way split, to the north and south you will find locked cloister doors and to the east you will find a locked Lord's Sanctum door.
  8. First, head to the north, upon clearing your way through you will find a spot with a monster named Majordomo of the North Cloister, kill it and retrieve the North Cloister Key (no timer), use this on the nearby locked northern cloister door.
  9. Continue on and you will encounter many Blood Priestesses, they will spam level 7 acid attacks and drain your health and mana quite a bit, kill them and move on. Eventually you will come to an open room with 3 priestesses and some pillars and bookshelves, once you clear the room, on the eastern side on the floor near one of the pillars you will find the North Cloister Key Half (no timer), pick it up and head back to the 3-way split room again.
  10. Proceed to the south clearing the Imperial Guards and Imperial Archivists along the way until you locate the Majordomo of the South Cloister, kill it and retrieve the South Cloister Key (no timer), use this on the nearby locked southern cloister door.
  11. Continue on through the door and you will encounter many Celestial Illuminators, kill them and proceed through again until you come to another open room with pillars and bookshelves, kill the 3 illuminators in here and on the southern side of the room, near one of the bookshelves you will find the South Cloister Key Half (no timer), pick it up.
  12. Combine the North Cloister Key Half with the South Cloister Key Half to create Key to the Lord's Sanctum.
  13. Head back to the 3-way split and this time go to the east, now use Key to the Lord's Sanctum to unlock the Lord's Sanctum door. You will see a pit immediately with a Imperial Guard on the other side, jump over the pit and proceed straight east, killing all the guards and archivists along the way, eventually you will turn north and proceed past more guards. Continue on until you reach a room with 2 Imperial Guards and 2 Imperial Archivists standing around the Master's Lectern in the center of the room.
  14. Give the K'nath Core to the Master's Lectern at the end of the dungeon. After a few seconds the lectern will give you back the K'nath Core (Malignant).
    • Warning: When you hand in the core the Lectern will cast Black Madness (reduces all skills by 30%) on you and several undead with spawn.
    • Optional: While you are there you can pick up Rytheran's Untranslated Journal that lies on the ground in the same room as the Lectern. The book is worth a good amount of xp when given to Danira the Dusty in the Zaikhal Library. The book is on a 5 minute respawn timer.
  15. Return to Graveyard and give the K'nath Core (Malignant) to the Jester who will give you K'nath Core (Peaceful).
  16. Enter the Gardens of Menilesh at 64.7S 43.8W. You must have talked to either Zho Heishan or Lacarra Avanthi in Wai Jhou in order to be flagged to enter the dungeon. Once you're flagged you are flagged to enter forever.
  17. Not far from the start is a Strange Pillar, several moarsman and undead spawn when you interact with it, but be sure not to move until you have the item back. Give the K'nath Core (Peaceful) to the Strange Pillar to get the Empowered K'nath Core.
  18. Give the Empowered K'nath Core to the Jester for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Lord Rytheran's Private Sanctum 74.7N, 18.4E Lord Rytheran's Private Sanctum.gif Lord Rytheran's Private Sanctum.gif --
Gardens of Menilesh 64.7S, 43.8W 00E7.gif 00E7.gif --


Give Empowered K'nath Core to Jester
Experience: 710,250,000 (30% up to level 250)
Luminance: 15,000
Titles: Jester's Little Helper


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Opening Dialog

Jester tells you, "I can't think with all these lalalas in my head. I had an idea that might shut them out, for awhile at least. I believe that one of the mana suckers feeding on the exposed ley line may have the first thing I need."

The ley line is North of here. It's quite dangerous having it exposed like that, be careful."
Giving Piece of K'nath Core to Jester

You allow Jester to examine your Piece of K'nath Core.

You hand over all of your Piece of K'nath Cores.

Jester gives you K'nath Core.

Jester tells you, "Hey! This is what I need! How did you know? Oh wait, I sent you to get this didn't I?"

The Jester holds the core in front of himself and begins to move his hands in alternating circles. The core slowly spins between his palms and you see lines of power pulse over it like a burning spider web.

Jester tells you, "Here, I need you to take this to a place I heard your people just broke into. Rythy's Private Library may have something he kept the Book of Eibhil in. I need you to get the sphere as close to whatever he kept it in."

Jester tells you, "AHahahahahaha! You should see the look on your face! You remind me of a pet Grobbit I had when I was little. Yes you do! Roll over! You can't have a treat if you don't roll over lalala!"

The Jester stares into the distance with his head cocked to one side listening to something. Then he shakes his head and looks at you again.

Jester says, "Ooo, what's over there?"

Jester tells you, "The core should be able to absorb a small amount of the radiant energy the book gave off during it's stay in Rythy's Book Hole. Return to me if you are successful."

The Jester smiles and holds his arms out charitably.

Jester tells you, "I'll understand if you're captured and tortured, being still kept alive in a state of anguish for the rest of your brief life, and you're unable to bring back my K'nath Core."

Jester tells you, "I'm told you may need a seal to access his Library. I remember seeing something like a seal in a tomb's chest south of here."

Jester tells you, "Good Luck. Oh, and maybe if your really helpful I'll give you some cake."
Speaking to Jester after giving him Piece of K'nath Core

Jester tells you, "Couldn't you find Rythy's Library? I need you to place the K'nath Core in whatever Rythy was using to store the Book of Eibhil in."

The Jester holds out an open hand and closes a finger for every statement.

Jester tells you, "Southern Graveyard. Ancient Chest. Seal."

Jester tells you, "Sentinel Statue next to Mage Academy Portal."

Jester tells you, "Find where the book was kept. This is important! Repeat these words, "Klatoo Veranda Nec#%@!"

The rmaining word is difficult to hear as the Jester covers his mouth with his other hand."

Jester tells you, "Place core where book was."

Jester tells you, "Return core to grateful Jester who will give you some cake."

The Jester holds his now closed fist to his chest in a salute.
Giving Rytheran's Master Seal to Master's Sentinel Statue

The statue remains inert, unmoving, and vaguely menacing.

You give Master's Sentinel Rytheran's Master Seal

The statue seems to glimmer for a moment, and a disembodied voice intones, "Welcome back, Master. Even in our ageless vigil, you have been long absent."
Using Master's Sentinel Statue (Repeat)

The statue seems to glimmer for a moment, and a disembodied voice intones, "Welcome back, Master."
Using the Master's Lectern

The lectern pulses with a malign intelligence as you touch it, and it almost feels like it is examining you... Suddenly, a discordant shriek echoes in your mind, and the pedestal makes its displeasure known.

Master's Lectern tells you, "Thief! Impostor! Master has already removed the Book of Eibhil!"

Master's Lectern cast Enervation of the Heart on you, but it is surpassed by Avalenne's Blessing
Giving K'nath Core to Master's Lectern

You give Master's Lectern K'nath Core.

As you touch the Knath Core to the lectern it pulses malignantly. Suddenly, a discordant shriek echoes in you mind.

Master' Lectern tells you, "Thief! Impostor! Master has already removed the Book of Eibhil! Guards! Protect the master's library!"

Master's Lectern cast Black Madness on you

Master's Lectern gives you K'nath Core.

The Knath Core begins to pulse with the same malignant glow of the lectern.
Giving K'nath Core (Malignant) to Jester

You give Jester K'nath Core.

The Jester takes the core from you and begins to juggle it with a bunch of colorful balls. His dexterity is nothing short of amazing.

Suddenly he grasps the K'nath Core and stares at it as colorful balls fall to the floor around him.

Jester tells you, "The core. You found where the book was kept."

He closes his eyes breaks out into a fit of giggles before getting himself under control and holding the K'nath Core before him.

Slowly a peaceful green light spreads through the core, overtaking its malignant red glow. The core's light now reminds you of sunlight seen through a canopy of rustling green leaves.

For the first time since you met him the Jester looks exhausted.

Jester gives you K'nath Core.

Jester tells you, "I must ask one more favor of you. Take the core to the ancient gardens beneath Rytheran's Tower and gather the final energy emanating from the deep places there. Humans from... Y-chew have been investigating the garden entrance lately, they may be of some help.

The Jester begins stumbling about and mumbling to himself. He casts a glance over his shoulder at you and spins, somehow seeming to vanish behind himself.
Giving K'nath Core (Peaceful) to Strange Pillar

You give Strange Pillar K'nath Core.

As you bring the core closer to the pillar the symbols appear to draw back from it, but that could just be the light. The core seems drawn to the pillar like a magnet. It clinks against the pillar, sticking firmly. A vibration runs up the pillar and through your arm shaking loose a drift of dust. Then the core detaches suddenly and you are able to pull it away.
Giving Empowered K'nath Core to Jester

You give Jester Empowered K'nath Core.

You've earned 710,250,000 experience.

You've earned 15,000 Luminance.

The Jester opens his mouth impossibly wide and swallows the core. The shifting green light begins to radiate from his eyes then from behind the teeth of his smile. As he begins to laugh insanely it spreads along his arms to his hands, bursting in green beams of light from his fingertips.

With a bright flash of light the Jester's laughter subsides and he raises his head. Calmly, almost lovingly, he looks at you with a weary smile on his face.

Jester tells you, Thank you friend. I have forgotten how peaceful it was without the voice of T'thuun in my mind.

A sparkling green tear falls from the Jester's right eye.

Jester tells you, "I must hurry. I'm not sure how long I have before the voices return."

Jester tells you, "First I will reward you for the gift you have given me."

The Jester chuckles kindly and awards you the Title "Jester's Little Helper."

The green light fades from the Jester's eyes and he begins to laugh hysterically.

Jester tells you, "Now I will tell you as much as I know before it floods my thoughts with its will."

The Jester produces a book and places a hand over its closed cover. You hear a furious scratching come from the book and you see thin lines of color appear on it's pages ends.

Jester gives you Braced Mana Forge Key.

Jester gives you The Jester's Revelations.

Jester tells you, "Take this book. I hope it will answer some of your questions and help prepare your people for what is coming. Take this bookmark as well."

Jester gives you Two of Hands.
Other Interactions

With a high resonating note the Knath Mother flips over and begins to quickly melt away leaving a crystalline core behind.

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

Who Watches the Virindi?

What Once was Lost

  • Braced Mana Forge Key added to rewards.

Secrets of the Apostates

  • Jester now returns cores immediately rather than when he finishes speaking.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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