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Introduced:  Release
Jewel Collector
Non-Player Killer
Jewel Collector (Baishi) Live
Race Female Sho (varies)
Title Trophy Collector
Location See Notes
Level 7
Strength 80
Endurance 80
Coordination 75
Quickness 70
Focus 70
Self 50
Health 130
Stamina 200
Mana 110


Crafter Turn Ins[]

Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
Dull Gem Icon Dull Gem 2,000 None
Obsidian Jewel Icon Obsidian Jewel 4,000?? None
Swamp Gem Icon Swamp Gem 2,000 None
Gem of Black Fire Icon Gem of Black Fire 6,000?? None
Red Jewel Icon Red Jewel 3,750
Red Gem Icon Red Gem
Blue Jewel Icon Blue Jewel 7,500
Blue Gem Icon Blue Gem
White Jewel Icon White Jewel 11,250
White Virindi Wand Icon White Virindi Wand
Yellow Jewel Icon Yellow Jewel 15,000
Yellow Virindi Wand Icon Yellow Virindi Wand
Diamond Powder Icon Diamond Powder 7,500? (old) 20,000 None
Adolescent Ash Gromnie Eye Icon Adolescent Ash Gromnie Eye 15,500??
Ashen Oculus Icon Ashen Oculus
Adolescent Ivory Gromnie Eye Icon Adolescent Ivory Gromnie Eye 15,500??
Ivory Oculus Icon Ivory Oculus
Adolescent Rust Gromnie Eye Icon Adolescent Rust Gromnie Eye 15,500??
Rusty Oculus Icon Rusty Oculus
Adolescent Azure Gromnie Eye Icon Adolescent Azure Gromnie Eye 15,500??
Teal Oculus Icon Teal Oculus
Amethyst Gromnie Eye Icon Amethyst Gromnie Eye 18,000
Amethyst Oculus Icon Amethyst Oculus
Emerald Gromnie Eye Icon Emerald Gromnie Eye 18,000
Emerald Oculus Icon Emerald Oculus
Ruby Gromnie Eye Icon Ruby Gromnie Eye 18,000
Ruby Oculus Icon Ruby Oculus
Sapphire Gromnie Eye Icon Sapphire Gromnie Eye 18,000
Sapphire Oculus Icon Sapphire Oculus


Jewel Collector says, "Have you, in your possession, the rare and unusual jewels of the strange masked creatures? I shall craft them into something different for you."

Jewel Collector tells you, "I collect only the rarest of trophy jewels. I will take gems that have been crafted by other trophy collectors and give you money for them."

Jewel Collector tells you, "But my true specialty lies in the jewels from the strange masked creatures."
Swamp Gem

You give Jewel Collector Swamp Gem.

Jewel Collector tells you, "Funny thing, these Swamp Gems always feel somewhat slick."

Jewel Collector gives you 2,000 Pyreals.

Jewel Collector tells you, "I find it soothing to look into it's murky green center."
Blue Jewel

You give Jewel Collector Blue Jewel.

Jewel Collector tells you, "These strange jewels don't cut like a normal stone. It sounds crazy, but I feel like the stone almost guides my hand."

You've earned 7,500 experience.

Jewel Collector gives you Blue Gem.
Gromnie Eyes

You give Jewel Collector Adolescent Ivory Gromnie Eye.

Jewel Collector tells you, "This is truly an odd find. It is obviously the eye of a gromnie, but it seems to have solidified after the beast's death and turned into this gem."

Jewel Collector tells you, "Oh, I'm sorry, you'll be wanting something correct? Take this oculus. I've taken some samples of the jewel, the rest is yours."

Jewel Collector gives you Ivory Oculus.

You've earned 15,500 experience.
Red Jewel

You give Jewel Collector Red Jewel.

Jewel Collector tells you, "Yes, I cut Virindi Jewels. Mind you I get to keep the rest of the stone for myself."

You've earned 3,750 experience.

Jewel Collector gives you Red Gem.

Jewel Collector tells you, "A bit of the stones magic seems to become active in the cut gems."
White Jewel

You give Jewel Collector White Jewel.

Jewel Collector tells you, "Excellent! I've been waiting for another of these jewels for my project."

You've earned 7,500 experience.

Jewel Collector gives you White Virindi Wand.

Jewel Collector tells you, "These jewels cast colors I've never seen and can't begin to describe."
Yellow Jewel

You give Jewel Collector Yellow Jewel.

Jewel Collector tells you, "These yellow jewels somehow intensify light. If you find more, I will pay well for them."

You've earned 15,000 experience.

Jewel Collector gives you Yellow Virindi Wand.

Jewel Collector tells you, "I'm collecting gemstones to build a window that will transform sunlight into a beautiful show of color and light."