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Introduced:  Friend and Foe Related Quests:  Fort Tethana Tug of War
Jin Ghao
Non-Player Killer
Jin Ghao Live
Race Male Sho
Title Royal Emissary
Location Inside Danby's Outpost
Level 36
Strength 115
Endurance 70
Coordination 180
Quickness 125
Focus 80
Self 55
Health 85
Stamina 148
Mana 65



Jin Ghao tells you, "You! If you would do your Queen a service, I bid you listen to me."

Jin Ghao tells you, "Our forces have spotted several Viamontian Knights in the area around Fort Tethana. When attacked, they quickly fled into the hills. We have sent emissaries to Teth in the hopes that they might shed some light on this situation, but our emissaries have not exactly been met with the warmest of receptions."

Jin Ghao tells you, "I do not like this situation. There is something about it that fills me with dread. Go to Teth. Scout the hills north of Teth. If you find anything of note, report back to me."