Introduced:  Heart of Woe Related Quests:  Path of the Jojii Adherent
Jojii Shrine
Jojii Shrine Icon
  • Value: ???
  • Burden: 8,000
  • Donate a few coins to help upkeep the shrine.
  • A simple shrine to Jojii.
Jojii Shrine Live

Jojii Shrine in Sawato



Using shrine

The shrine appears to be very well kept and tidy. You feel a sense of well being just standing and looking at it.
Pyreal messages

A boulder that flies level with the eye is not falling from the sky.

A wise man seldom swings first.

Actions will speak louder than words.

Always expect the worst when you take a portal.

Beware the claws of the... (the rest of the fortune is shredded)

Beware the ideas of Mark.

Carry a torch to light your way in darkness.

Danger lurks in the brush.

Death; it is the end for us all.

Don't ask, don't say, everything lies in Magic.

Don't worry about the vase.

Follow the white rabbit.

Got Sub?

Harmony is found in the simple tasks.

If you are red your blood will be shed.

If you give a man a fish, for a day he will eat. If you give a man a fishing rod, for a day he will fish, eat and drink beer.

It is the wise man that knows to walk around the site of danger.

It may snow tomorrow. Somewhere. Where it is cold. And snowy.

Life shall visit upon you hardship before reward.

Look beneath the trees, you may find treasures there.

Mmm... go PKLite you will, mmmm

Never build a tower in a swamp.

Not every guardian hides a treasure.

Nothing is not something.

Oui ryja ymud uv vnaa desa uh ouin ryhtc.

Pay the Town Criers.

Run with dragons while you are young.

Save at Lifestones often.

Search for the good in all things. You may be overlooking your own fortune.

Someone in your Allegiance will soon die.

Sometimes the reward is experience.

Stifle your words or back them with action.

Swords don't kill people. Things wielding swords kill people.

Take time to smell the snowflowers, but do not bring them into the sun.

The only number that stands alone is one.

There is no journey to long.

Time runs away. So will you.

True wisdom comes from the heart not the head.

Wealth is for the wicked.

When you are faced with danger do not think, act.

You may catch a fish. You may catch a boot.

You shall travel far and do much.

You will find happiness at the end of the day.

You will have great success.

You will help an ungrateful warrior.

You will lose something precious to you.

You will meet a tall shadowy figure.

You will scream like a mite when you see an Olthoi.

You will see a Lifestone soon.

Your journeys will be long and rewarding.
Every message is followed by a message about lucky numbers, and 3 randomly generated numbers

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Update History

A Swelling Tide

  • Now give lucky numbers as well as words of wisdom.
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