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One of the original Sho factions.[1] The original description reads:

Motto: None
Background: This ultra-conservative Jojiist group is sometimes called the Order of Humanity, to fill in the fourth place among the Jojiist groups. The members of this group tend to be either generalists, or specialists who work in diverse teams. They believe balance is essential. They are also immensely strict within their own ranks. As ascetic as the Washui, they have less tolerance for a dreamy lifestyle. Jojii Zhen Gai people often wander the countryside, offering assistance to whoever is in need – whether it's a farmer putting up a new roof or a traveler in need of protection.
Current: Some early arrivals have expressed the sad wish for the arrival of the Jojii Zhen Gai. Once felt to be no longer needed in the homelands, benevolent mercenaries to help those in need would now be welcomed.

The order was founded by Master Jojii who, after receiving a vision, began to teach people of the Four Stones of Jojii: the stone of Compassion, Detachement, Discipline and Humility.[2] A follower of Jojii must maintain Detachement, tempered with compassion, and Discipline, tempered with Humility.[3][4]

Those who followed the Three Elders: the Unicorn of Grace, the Firebird of Splendor, and the Dragon of Power all began to see the wisdom of Master Jojii's teachings. [2]

When Jojii wrote of Four Stones, he did not originally mean for them to become associated with the three Elders.[5] However, after the death of Master Jojii, students of the Dragon Temple, Unicorn Temple, and Firebird Temple did not heed his admonition, and each Temple took to only one path. The Dragon Temple took up the call of Discipline, and the Unicorn Temple took up the call of Compassion, and the Firebird Temple took up the call of Detachment. Since none focused on Humility, Master Jojii's most fervent followers founded the Jojii Zhen Gai, the Order of Jojii, to preserve the truths of humility. [2]

When following the steep path of Jojii and reach an enlightened state, one has to find the Power of the Dragon, the Grace of the Unicorn and the Splendor of the Firebird.[6]

The town of Kryst was founded centered around the principles of Jojii and the Code of Pwyll by Zenzaburou Hensu, Vanten the Archmage, and Vesayen Hylin.[7][8][9]

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