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Jondor Torgren
Non-Player Killer
Jondor Torgren Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Arcanum Archivist
Location 13.6N 0.7E in Zaikhal
Level 30
Strength 110
Endurance 130
Coordination 120
Quickness 100
Focus 220
Self 200
Health 140
Stamina 240
Mana 255


Lore & Dialog[]

Jondor Torgren tells you, "Perhaps you could help a simple scholar... I've been told that strange landscape formations have appeared around the Empyrean graveyard, and that scouts from mysterious new secret societies have taken up positions at these sites. There are scouts at these formations to the north, east, and west of the graveyard."
Jondor Torgren tells you, "I would be most indebted to you if you could somehow gain the trust of these scouts and bring me whatever written materials you can about the beliefs that their societies espouse. I would reward you with a bit of practical knowledge for any manifestoes that you could bring me. I have also heard that there are more senior representatives of each society in Ayan Baqur, but I doubt they'll talk to you until you've won the confidence of the scouts by the graveyard. Good luck! And be careful about straying into the graveyard itself!"