Introduced:  Sudden Season Related Quests:  Feud of Neydisa and Bandit Castle
Non-Player Killer
Jourgensson Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title MacDugal's Lieutenant
Location 66.3N 50.0E in Bandit Castle
Level 16
Strength 180
Endurance 170
Coordination 165
Quickness 140
Focus 50
Self 40
Health 235
Stamina 370
Mana 80


Lore & Dialog

Jourgensson tells you, "Oi, mush! Want ter do me a favor? It's tough ter get a decent drink around here, especially wiv the prices Gorth charges."
Jourgensson tells you, "Fetch me a bottle of Olde Ispar Stout from Neydisa Castle, down the road to the west, and I'll put in a good word fer yer with MacDugal!"

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