Introduced:  Sudden Season Related Quests:  Feud of Neydisa and Bandit Castle
Jourgensson's Letter
Text Icon Parchment.png
  • Value: 5
  • Burden: 25
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
  • A hastily written and only vaguely legible note from Jourgensson to his captain, MacDugal.


This one's okay, if a bit of a git. Good retriever at least, if you get the drift?



You give Jourgensson Nelvaine's Olde Ispar Stout.

Jourgensson tells you, "Right, thanks. Ye're a toff. Take this note to MacDugal and he'll treat yer right. Now sod off and let me drink in peace!"

Jourgensson gives you Jourgensson's Letter.

You give MacDugal Jourgensson's Letter.

MacDugal tells you, "Well, Jourgensson says you're all right. Maybe you can help. Down underneath the castle, there's a prison full of beasties. That idiot Gwillim dropped some notes and his bag in there."

MacDugal tells you, "Now he says he can't mix potions! Bring the bag back to him, and he'll reward you. You'll need this to get in there."

MacDugal gives you MacDugal's Key.

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