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Introduced:  All That They Survey Related Quests:  Crafter Quest
Journeyman Cook
Non-Player Killer
Journeyman Cook Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Apprentice Cook
Location 64.9N 13.6E in Crater Lake Village
Level 5
Strength 80
Endurance 90
Coordination 70
Quickness 70
Focus 50
Self 60
Health 125
Stamina 200
Mana 100


Lore & Dialog[]

Journeyman Cook tells you, "Greetings! I have left my master in Glenden Wood to help the craftsmen of this fine land to hone their crafting skills"
Journeyman Cook tells you, "Prove your knowledge by bringing me some Fried Mushroom Dough, and I shall reward you."
Journeyman Cook tells you, "What, you say you don't know how to make Fried Mushroom Dough?! Why, that is what tests of knowledge are for! Get out there and experiment, my young friend!"