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Introduced:  Dance of the Dead Related Quests:  The Black Spear Ice Totem
Non-Player Killer
Kalakh Live
Race Male Ruschk
Title Frostglaive Hunter
Location 94.0N 45.9W in the Shattered Outlands
Level 150
Strength 200
Endurance 180
Coordination 170
Quickness 190
Focus 220
Self 330
Health 290
Stamina 580
Mana 830


  • Route: From Eastwatch, run west to the pass at 93N 47W and the Commander is in the valley side at 93.2N 48.2W.

Lore & Dialog[]

The Ruschk looks you up and down, like he is gauging your strength. With a nod of approval, he stares into your eyes, and with a wash of deathly cold, the following information becomes apparent in your mind:
The Ruschk wishes you to enter the Temple of the Black Spear, located at 95.5N, 51.8W, and retrieve a small totem, important to the followers of Grael. Once you bring the totem back to him, he will reward you for your strength.

The Ruschk's eyes are instantly drawn to where you have the totem stashed away in your packs. He looks at you expectantly.

You give Kalakh Black Spear Ice Totem.
The Ruschk looks at the Totem with obvious contempt, and drops it unceremoniously in his pouch. Then, with a look which seems to beam with pride, he claps you on the back. With obvious effort, he speaks in a barely audible whisper.
Kalakh tells you, "Well... Done."
The Ruschk, Kalakh, awards you the title of "Friend to the Frostglaive."
You've earned 29,175,980 experience.