Introduced:  Learning From Experience
Kaneth al-Evv
Non-Player Killer
Kaneth al-Evv Live
Race Gharu'ndim
Title Olthoi Hunter
Location 69.5N 80.6E on Olthoi Island
Level 250
Strength 220
Endurance 270
Coordination 200
Quickness 200
Focus 290
Self 290
Health 331
Stamina 466
Mana 486


  • Route: Use any one of the entry burrows listed on the Olthoi Island page.




Item Notes

Token of the Key yields a 3-use Mana Forge Key (level 150+ to turn in).
Token of Luminance yields 15,000 Luminance (level 200+ to turn in).
Token of the Experience yields 20% of level's worth in XP (level 200+ to turn in).
Only 1 token may be exchanged for reward per week

Lore & Dialog

Kaneth al-Evv tells you, "Welcome. If you have Mutated Olthoi Glands to give me as proof of your hunt, I can give you tokens that you may trade to the good Mayor here for rewards."

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