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The Karab Delta is located on Marae Lassel south of the Plateau and includes the towns of Bluespire and Redspire and dramatic waterfalls. To the west are the Ahurenga Plains and to the east are the Manumet Plains.


Related Quests[]

Kill Tasks[]


See Redspire and Bluespire for a list of town NPCs.

NPC Name Location Type Details
Aun Bernawa 41.1N, 74.4W Quest An Aun Hea Romance
Aun Papileona 39.8N, 76.4W Quest Raeta's Necklace Quest
Aun Teriona 41.3N, 75.3W Quest Carenzi Plague


Dropped Items

Small Bundle of Littoral Siraluun Feathers Icon Small Bundle of Littoral Siraluun FeathersLittoral Siraluun Claw Icon Littoral Siraluun ClawSmall Bundle of Marsh Siraluun Feathers Icon Small Bundle of Marsh Siraluun FeathersMarsh Siraluun Claw Icon Marsh Siraluun ClawCarenzi Burrower Pelt Icon Carenzi Burrower PeltCarenzi Pouchling Pelt Icon Carenzi Pouchling PeltCarenzi Stalker Pelt Icon Carenzi Stalker Pelt

Points of Interest[]


  • 41.0N, 77.4W - Karab Delta Lifestone
  • 40.7N, 83.1W - Redspire
  • 39.3N, 75.3W - Bluespire



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Abandoned Tumerok Site 42.0N, 82.2W -- 0284 Olthoi Pincers
Aun Papileona's Shrine to Raeta 38.9N, 76.3W -- 0287 Raeta's Necklace Quest
Back Tunnels 43.9N, 73.9W -- 0055 Of Trust and Betrayal
Blighted Rank Moarsman Tunnels 40.7N, 86.5W -- 00C1 Ritual of the Blight
Olthoi Arcade 39.1N, 81.2W -- 5B43 None
Rebel Hideout 43.9N, 73.9W -- 23B6 Of Trust and Betrayal
Tumerok Cave 41.7N, 82.5W -- 0286 Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Quest
Tumerok Cavern 40.2N, 84.7W -- 0292 Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Quest
Viamontian Laboratory 39.4N, 75.3W -- 0068 Plateau Village Transit


Note: Most landscape creatures have a spawn map on the creature's article page.

Carenzi Icon Carenzi

Golem Icon Golem

Human Icon Human

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Siraluun Icon Siraluun

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Ursuin Icon Ursuin