Introduced:  Remembering the Past Related Quests:  Heritage Regalia Masks
Karlun's Visage
Karlun's Visage Icon
  • Value: 10,000
  • Burden: 800
  • Covers Head
  • Armor Level: 330 (550)
  • Slashing: Above Average (462) (1100)
  • Piercing: Above Average (396) (1100)
  • Bludgeoning: Above Average (462) (1100)
  • Fire: Above Average (396) (1100)
  • Cold: Above Average (396) (1100)
  • Acid: Above Average (462) (1100)
  • Electric: Average (330) (1100)
  • Nether: Average (330) (550)
  • Spells: Executor's Blessing, Aura of Defense, Major Fealty, Jibril's Blessing, Minor Armor Tinkering Expertise, Odif's Blessing, Moderate Invulnerability, Brogard's Defiance
  • Activation requires Arcane Lore: 240, Viamontian
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • Spellcraft: 350
  • Mana: 1000
  • Mana Cost: 1 point per 30 seconds.
  • An impressively depiction of the mighty Karlun, known as the Great Bull, and the Blood-Father of Viamont. "From him all Greatness comes."
Karlun's Visage Live

Karlun's Visage


You give Trilaine di Ricard Virindi Desecrator Mask.

Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "I am honored to even hold a mask of such power and grace as this one. From this, the most beautiful things can be created. From such a noble and potent base material, I will, instead of making a heraldic creature, will forge this mask in the very image of Karlun himself!"

Trilaine di Ricard tells you, "Here you go, Karlun's Visage. A most noble and honorable Regalia."

Trilaine di Ricard gives you Karlun's Visage.

  • This is the fifth and final tier Viamontian heritage mask.
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