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Sorceror-King of Milantos. It is said that long ago, Karuz had come to the conclusion that the secret of eternal life lay in the blood of the hardy steepe warriors of Souia-Vey.At his direction, Milantean sorcerers had been kidnapping villagers of neighboring Souia-Vey to perform foul rituals upon them. Their depredations were halted by the arrival of the hero, Brador. Armed with a sword that seemed to fend of sorcery, he alone was able to repel the Milantean incursions. Frustrated by Brador's defense of the Souia-Vey, Karuz himself appeared to challenge Brador. He brought forth his own terrible weapon to do battle with the interloper. There was a great clash, which laid waste to the land all around them. When the dust and darkness cleared, neither Karuz nor his foe were anywhere to be found.[1][2]

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Brador's Frozen Eye Icon Brador's Frozen EyeDefiler of Milantos Icon Defiler of Milantos


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