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One of the original Gharu'ndim factions. The original description[1] reads:

Motto: "Glory comes from battle alone."
Background: The al-Khuraqa believe Rakhil al-Khur, the warlike Malik who first conquered Gharu'n, to have been the greatest fighter who ever lived, and have taken it upon themselves to do all they can to live up to his example. Formed within the last fifty years as a splinter faction of the much older Jaladh, the al-Khuraqa believe battle to be the greatest of all pursuits. Most of the time, they keep on the path of the Dozen Roads, but the al-Khuraqa are not squeamish about doing deeds the more rigid Jaladh would frown upon. They have little use for the more intellectual factions, and look down on the al-Sadharamad. Though they do not admit it openly, the al-Khuraqa have occasionally worked with the Zharalim in the past.
Current: Dereth's challenges would be met with delight by any al-Khuraqa to arrive in this world. New monsters and lawless humans would be excellent targets. [1]