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Introduced:  The Calm Related Quests:  Siraluun Claw Crafters
Kithless Siraluun Claw
Kithless Siraluun Claw Icon
  • Value: 75
  • Burden: 100


You give Aun Mareura the Collector Kithless Siraluun Claw.

Aun Mareura the Collector tells you, "Thank you! I have always enjoyed making weapons from the claws of the fearsome Siraluun. Let me make you a weapon out of this claw."

Aun Mareura the Collector gives you Kithless Siraluun Stave.

You've earned 4,875 experience.

You allow Aun Arenura the Crafter to examine your Kithless Siraluun Claw.

Aun Arenura the Crafter tells you, "I am not yet worthy of the honor of crafting this item. Please visit Mareura in Timaru. I am certain he will be happy to help you out. Well, that is unless you have done something to anger him."

You allow Aun Whethura the Crafter to examine your Kithless Siraluun Claw.

Aun Whethura the Crafter tells you, "Thank you, but I only work in feathers. If you were to perhaps bring this item to Mareura, he may be able to help you out."

  • The other collectors on Marae Lassel do not interact with this item.
  • Does not stack.

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