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Non-Player Killer
Kleeoh Live
Race Female Sho
Title Seer
Location 2.5S 86.5E on Aphus Lassel
Level 47
Strength 120
Endurance 120
Coordination 115
Quickness 110
Focus 250
Self 250
Health 235
Stamina 230
Mana 505


  • Route: From the drop run due west until you cross the water to the next island, then run south to 2.5S 86.5E.
  • During the Evolution event, Kleeoh started accepting Jungle Orchids as part of the Bobo's Medicine quest.
  • During the Corrupted Sovereigns event, she started to give an xp reward for the orchid.

Lore & Dialog[]

Kleeoh tells you, "Hello child, I sense dat you be looking for high adventure here where da tusker is king, no? Well let Kleeoh give you da help den. Why ya wonder I hid from ya when first ya came to da island?"

Kleeoh tells you, "Well that be simple, Oolutanga don't be liking those of us dat can think for ourselves. Who's Oolutanga?"

Kleeoh tells you, "You come to da island of da king Oolutanga. A refugee from da halls of a cruel virindi name by Aerbax."

Kleeoh tells you, "Oolutanga is a special tusker you see. Yes. He be powerful strong and powerful big and powerful smart. He be a tusker dat hates da virindi. He frees his people when he can."

Kleeoh tells you, "He has a magic about him. A magic dat comes from da hand dat he lost while fighting da former owner of dis island." Kleeoh chortles.

Kleeoh tells you, "Dey say dat if a person get hold of da hand taken from Oolutanga dey can have three wishes granted. But only in da temple of da king."

Kleeoh tells you, "You be wanting to go dere den eh?"
Kleeoh tells you, "Well head to da waterfall on de interior of dis island and search for da entrance. Dere you find your way... Dere you find your way."

Kleeoh tells you, "Read da signs. Dey tell secrets dey do."

You give Kleeoh Warding Ring.
Kleeoh gives you Vial of Black Blood.
Kleeoh gives you Warding Ring.
Kleeoh smiles at you oddly; a strange chill causes you to shiver briefly.

Kleeoh tells you, "Ah, dis be a special ring. A loop with a secret catch, to release dis dark poision vial. Oh, you be thinkin' it be blood in dere?"
Kleeoh tells you, "Aye, blood it was. But now death it be for those who so much as touch a drip-drop of it. You be careful now, fussin' around with dis mess."
Kleeoh tells you, "Dere is only one reason why you would be out here messin' with such evil maka. You be lookin' to make power from idols, you be! Ha!"
Kleeoh tells you, "I know you been talkin' to dat old man. And I know what you be needin' from here, if you be after the same madness he was."
Kleeoh tells you, "Some assailers been getting' da jungle sick about them. Dere furry coat be getting' rough, and da sickness be all over it."
Kleeoh tells you, "You gonna have to fight the wooly beasts and dere jungle sickness -- and get some fur. Dey be all over da jungle, like a plague. You find dem, and bring back to us, bring back to us, bring back to us..."
Kleeoh tells you, "What, you be thinkin' it's easy to make dangerous big maka? Ha ha!"

You allow Kleeoh to examine your Infected Assailer Fur.
Kleeoh twists a small lock of fur out of the reeking, moist clump, and tucks it away. She hands the rest back to you.

Kleeoh tells you, "You got a lot dere. I only take what I need, and no more."
Kleeoh tells you, "I hope you and dat old hermit know what you doing! Evil maka like this needs a strong bond, and dis big wooly fur is a good start - but I do not know how you will create such a thing."