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One of the original Aluvian factions.

The Knighthood was created by High King Pwyll III to protect Aluvia, as well as to spread Justice, Nobility and Honor among the populace of his Kingdom.[1]

The original description reads:[2]

Motto: "Let Justice reign."
Background: This is the old knighthood of Aluvia. They are trained from an early age to be the judges and caretakers of the kingdom. Members of this group travel the land and offer their services as impartial judges in disputes. They also try to help those in need and right what they consider wrong. Membership is by invitation only.
Current: Queen Elysa Strathelar has made it known that she wishes the Knights of the Golden Flame to be official knights of her realm. However, because so few original Knights have arrived in Dereth, how this might become reality is still in question.

The Knights of the Golden Flame did eventually appear in Dereth. Their primary mission here is to defend the realm against the Shadow. They formed a subset calling themselves Shadow Hunters.[3][4]

Both on Ispar as in Dereth, they were hunting down the Order of the Raven Hand.[3]

In Dereth, one can obtain the title of "Knight of the Golden Flame" by finishing the Shadow Breach Quest and the title "Hero of the Golden Flame" by finishing the Shadow Aspect of Grael Quest. The title "Squire of the Golden Flame" is a retired title which could be obtained by handing an Inactive Device to Sarkin Killcrane.[5]

Notable Members

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