Introduced:  Filling in the Blanks
Armor Summary
Name: Knorr Academy Armor
Heritage: Empyrean, Tier VI, Tier VII
Coverage: Full
AL: See Loot (various)

Knorr Academy Armor Undyed Live

A complete suit of undyed Knorr Academy Armor.


  • The main material of the armor (other than the helm) is hide* (leather, gromnie hide, and so on)
  • The main material of the helm is metal (gold, steel, and so on)
  • The armor consists of 9 parts (greaves, tassets, girth, breastplate, pauldrons, vambraces, gauntlets, boots, helm).
  • The color scheme is mostly two-colored
  • Some parts of the armor (for example the pointy part of the pauldrons, the shoulders and the circle on the breastplate, and the elbow & knee pads) are semi-transparent, and take on the color of the underclothes: see the white parts on the images below (Also, the greaves take on the color of the tassets.)
  • When dyeing, some parts stay the original color (see below for dyed variations), for example the back lower part of the helmet, the lower part of the pointy shoulders, and some details such as the lining, belt and the buttons on breastplate, girth and vambraces.
  • The dye turns the armor into a rather dark/dull variation
  • Fail dye turns the armor into a very pale pink, except the helmet and the vambraces, which turn bright orange. The icons all indicate an orange color, but the actual armor shows pink.

Quest Knorr Armor


Note: White areas on the armor in the images below will mirror undershirt color. Click image for full size.
Knorr Academy Helm Icon Knorr Academy Helm Knorr Academy Pauldrons Icon Knorr Academy Pauldrons Knorr Academy Vambraces Icon Knorr Academy Vambraces
Knorr Academy Helm Live Knorr Academy Pauldrons Live Knorr Academy Vambraces Live
Knorr Academy Gauntlets Icon Knorr Academy Gauntlets Knorr Academy Breastplate Icon Knorr Academy Breastplate Knorr Academy Girth Icon Knorr Academy Girth
Knorr Academy Gauntlets Live Knorr Academy Breastplate Live Knorr Academy Girth Live
Knorr Academy Tassets Icon Knorr Academy Tassets Knorr Academy Greaves Icon Knorr Academy Greaves Knorr Academy Boots Icon Knorr Academy Boots
Knorr Academy Tassets Live Knorr Academy Greaves Live Knorr Academy Boots Live
  • Note:

Dyed Knorr Academy Armor

Click images for full size.

Dyed Knorr Academy Armor
Knorr Academy Armor Lapyan Icon
(Light Blue)
Knorr Academy Armor Colban Icon
(Dark Blue)
Knorr Academy Armor Verdalim Icon
Knorr Academy Armor Minalim Icon
(Mint Green)
Knorr Academy Armor Relanim Icon
Knorr Academy Armor Lapyan Live Knorr Academy Armor Colban Live Knorr Academy Armor Verdalim Live Knorr Academy Armor Minalim Live Knorr Academy Armor Relanim Live
Knorr Academy Armor Thananim Icon
Knorr Academy Armor Hennacin Icon
Knorr Academy Armor Argenory Icon
Knorr Academy Armor Berimphur Icon
Knorr Academy Armor Fail Icon
Knorr Academy Armor Thananim Live Knorr Academy Armor Hennacin Live Knorr Academy Armor Argenory Live Knorr Academy Armor Berimphur Live Knorr Academy Armor Fail Live
  • Note: Some pieces have trim that is unchanged by dye (best seen on the white-dyed armor), other pieces are a solid color and dye fully (parts ??). White areas in the images above take the color of your undershirt (only the breastplate, girth, and tassets have areas that change color depending on shirt color). Compare to the undyed pieces shown in the image at the top of this page.

Matching Suits

Click image for full size.

Palettes and dye effects

  • Note that the dyed colors can NOT be found as Loot colors. The helm and the bracers follow another dye palette than the rest of the armor
  • The loot-generated color table is still work in progress. See for a spreadsheet for the until now discovered palettes this file (right click, download as)
  • Samples of the colors are represented by the VT-hexes for the helmet and the girth, since the VT-hexes of the girth seem to best approach the actual ingame color (Hexes for BP and girth might be too dark though)
Known Palettes for Dyed Knorr Academy Armor, Helm & Bracers
ACID Name Sample DCS Sample VT Helm Sample VT Bracers
4216 LapyanBlue 0A92DF 0A8FE1 0A9AD9
4384 ColbanBlue 004D7D 004C7F 005177
4046 Verdalimgreen 17390E 17390E 17350C
4217 MinalimGreen 24CA83 25CD89 21C677
4386 RenalimPurple 5B086D 5F086F 510769
4385 ThananimBlack 2A2A2A 2B2B2B 292826
4044 HennacinRed 430406 450404 410407
4218 ArgenoryWhite 969999 999D9B 959590
4045 BerimphurGold 5B4508 5D4A08 573F08
4051 NukedOrange FB6C24 FB7526 FB5C1F
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Known Palettes for Dyed Knorr Academy Armor Other Armor Pieces
ACID Name Sample DCS Sample VT BP Sample VT Girth Sample VT Upper Arms Sample VT Upper Legs Sample VT Lower Legs Sample VT Hands Sample VT Feet
4213 LapyanBlue 2A6C9A 236C88 246F8E 236C87 206681 206681 267595 1F6176
4387 ColbanBlue 001859 001E6C 001F70 001E6C 001B64 001B64 00227C 001858
4052 VerdalimGreen 20341B 182615 182716 172714 142212 142212 1C2E17 101F0E
4214 MinalimGreen 1F793F 23894A 248F4E 238849 208245 208245 269652 1F773D
4389 RelanimPurple 47065C 4F0762 59076F 390448 2D043E 2D043E 57076F 46065C
4388 ThananimBlack 2A2A2A 252424 2C2A28 1C1A1A 171515 171515 2C2A28 242221
4053 HennacinRed 3F1007 460000 5A0000 5A0000 530000 530000 660000 460000
4054 BerimphurGold 60510A 544700 584A00 564800 504300 504300 605100 483C00
4055 CriticalPink B06672 B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Known Palettes for Loot-generated Knorr Academy Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Main Girth (dyeable) Secondary Girth Main Helmet Secondary Helmet Hands Feet
1077 OpenSkyBlue 0E6DA7 Yes 0F80BD
1078 DaydreamBlue 005B92 0A5182 Yes 0D76AE
1079 MarineBlue 004975 094B78 0B619B 0C6FA4
1080 OceanBlue 003A5D 074269 Yes 0A6595
1081 ReefBlue 007BC5 0D65A3 0F7BC6 108CCF
1082 ClearDayBlue 0084D5 0F78C1 118EE4 12A0ED
1100 Goldenrod B58600 A98C00 C39800 CD9100
1101 HoneyWheat BF8D00 CFAB00 FFD33A
1102 DesertGold B38915 Yes F3BC00 FDB300
1103 DesertBrass D29B00 FFD300 FFBF23
1104 Merigold DAA100 FFD920 FFD33A FFC844
1105 MorningSun E3A700 E8CD4B E8CA61 E8C269
1111 TreeFrog 55A60E Yes 57B30F
1112 TreeSnake 43840B
1113 CanopyGreen 366909 Yes 48960C
1114 LizardGreen 2C5407
1115 DeepForest 224406 3C7D09
1116 SpringGreen 5AAF0F 62CA10
1117 NewGrowth 60BE11 Yes 70E812
1136 Lilac 670EA7 670D9B 740EB4 6F0FBD
1137 Passion 550090 Yes 6F0DAC 6A0EB5
1138 DeepViolet 420073 580A84 650B9D 610CA6
1139 Midnight 35005C 4B0870 550A92
1140 Purple 7400C5 7F11D9
1141 ShockPurple 7C00D5 8D11D5 Yes
1143 HostileRed A9080A 9C0806
1144 Crimson 8D0004 Yes A40706 AA070E
1145 Blood 710002 Yes AA070E
1146 DeepWound 5A0002 950605 9B060C
1147 FestivalRed BB0002 B40906
1148 FreshKill C50002 D20000 EE0000 F80000
1149 SolidRed CE0002 Yes FF1E1E
1150 SmokeGrey 7B7B7B 717171 8B8B8B
1151 FogGrey 6F6F6F 696969 838383
1152 OvercastGrey 646464 656565 7A7A7A 7F7F7F
1153 OldIronGrey 5A5A5A 616161 767676 7B7B7B
1154 ColdSteelGrey 515151 565656 6B6B6B
1155 AshGrey 444444 Yes 505050 656565 6A6A6A
1156 SootBlack 3A3A3A 454545 5A5A5A 5F5F5F
1157 Lampblack 313131 3D3D3D 525252 575757
1158 AbyssBlack 2A2A2A Yes 323232 474747 4C4C4C
1159 Steel 7F7F7F 808080 959595 9A9A9A
1160 Pewter 838383 858585
1161 Silver 868686 959595 AAAAAA AFAFAF
1453 Chatruese 998011 Yes BEAD54
1454 DarkSoil 5A491E 5B4517
1455 FertileEarth 463A19 423718
1456 Kahki 7B6734 Yes 604D11
1457 Olive 897310 AF9E43 D2B82D
1458 MarshGreen 74620D Yes Yes 9C8C3B BCA528
1459 SwampGold 69580C Yes 9C8C3B A28E22
1460 BogGreen 6D5720 52451E 644C1A
1461 Peppermint 7E3542 6E2731 67101D
1462 RichOrchid 5D1F53 46193E
1463 DarkOrchid 4C2145 310729
1464 Orchid 723D6A Yes 781F6D
1465 KidneyRed 6D202E 521D25
1466 BrothelRed 581D28 Yes 3D0911
1467 DeepBurgandy 471820 Yes 2F070D
1468 Violet 6D2061 Yes 641A5B 460C3A
1469 OxideRed 8A2510 870400 7A0000
1470 DarkViolet 4C2656 Yes 301136
1471 GreyViolet 402847 Yes
1472 Lavender 604169 533B58 593B62 4B2B53
1473 BrickRed 7D220F 6F170C 850604
1474 DarkCrimson 661B0C 5E130A 570900
1475 GarnetRed 54160A 5E130A 730402 4C0700
1476 DeepPurple 5D206D Yes 3D0C47
1477 DeapMagenta 6D2045 521E34 460C26
1478 GreyMagenta 59253E Yes 511F3A
1479 GreyOrchid 482335 Yes 2D101E
1480 Rose 7E4560 Yes 773F5D
1481 DeapBlue 25206D Yes 1B0F60
1482 MidnightBlue 2B2853
1483 MoonlessBlue 2B2946 Yes 1A175F 120942
1484 BlueSlate 47456D 22137A
1485 OnyxBlack 333333 2E2E2E 323232 222222
1486 MattekarGrey 5C5C5C Yes 575757 434343
1487 MidReefAqua 20696D 1E4C52 1A6264 0C4046
1488 DeepReefAqua 245557 1B454A
1489 AquaShadows 203E3F 15373A 07272B
1490 Tourqouise 366D70 266068
1491 Charcoal 404040 363636 3A3A3A 2A2A2A
1492 SlateGrey 525252 454545 4B4B4B 373737
1493 MossGreen 294023 1E4218 245214 0F3409
1494 HarvestGreen 426F36 2C6023 1A5710
1495 NewLeafGreen 4B8220 396B1E 2A620D
1496 LeafGreen 44761D 396B1E 26580B
1497 PlantingGreen 3C6819 2D5517 386115
1498 PromiseGreen 518D22 407621 4D861C 316F0E
1499 OldGrowth 305626 224A1B 285B17 123D0B
1500 CattailGreen 306D20 26521E 15460D
1501 VirindiBlue 1E283A 192647
1502 LugianBlue 3B4E74 263B6A
1503 DilloBrown 6D3220 522C1E 64291A 461E0D
1504 FlintRed 583226 522C1E 3D1A0B
1505 BurntWood 452B24 Yes 2F1408
1506 ClayRed 6F4336 603423 572510
1507 Navy 263758 Yes 0A193F
1508 CobaltBlue 203A6D Yes 1A3764 0C1D46
1509 WinterNight 332442 2D1640
1510 PaleViolet 553E6C 432360
1511 SharkBrown 6D4420 52381E 643A1A 462B0D
1512 Walnut 593C23 Yes 51341D 382510
1513 Coffee 46301D 342719 3F2919 2C1D0D
1514 Tan 73553A 5D4835 6B4C34 553C24
1515 OlthoiPurple 3F2857 Yes 37185D
1516 FrozenPurple 46206D 391E52 3B1A64
1518 AfternoonShade 20526D 1E3D52 1A4C64 0C2E46
1519 AquaGrey 254556 1B374A 17455B
1520 MossGrey 223641 183142 143E52 082234
1521 Cloudyday 2E5A72 264D68 103F60
1522 Teal 396C60 Yes 1F785F
1523 AncientForest 253A34 12332D 104234
1524 AncientSpring 2D4D45 Yes 144F3E
1525 ClearSpring 206D5A Yes 1A644F 0D473B
1667 SeamistGreen 1C9964 1DA670
1668 SeafoamGreen 167A51
1669 LagoonGreen 11613F
1670 JungleGreen 0E4E33 116E4C
1671 RainForestGreen 0B3E28 0F6545
1672 ForestShadow 082E1E 0D573B
1673 SeasprayGreen 1EA76E 20B77B
1674 MintGreen 20B274
1675 VirindiBlue 002F4A 053251 074873 Yes
1676 Flame A6410E 8D410D B34D0F Yes
1677 Pumkin 86350C 7E3A0B Yes AD3E0D
1678 Rust 6B2A09 612C08 90330A
1679 Chocolate 562207 572707
1680 RichCoco 451B06 441E05 692C07 722807
1681 Tangerine B54710 BE5711 E46213 ED5613
1682 AssaultOrange C34D11 E56914 F0723B?? F0723B
1683 Brass A27800 Yes B38C00 BD8600
1684 DullBrass 8A6700 897200 A37F00 AD7B00
1685 DullGold 755600 6A5800 846700 Yes
1686 Bronze 644900 5A4B00 7E5A00
1687 DullBronze 5A4200 3B3100 554200 5F4400
1688 JadeGreen 1A3604
1689 Indigo 2A004A Yes
1690 OldBlood 480002 6A0403 8C050A
1691 SlateBlack 262626 Yes 272727 3C3C3C 414141
1692 DarkGrey 202020 1A1A1A 2F2F2F 343434
2381 FlatGrey B7B7B7 626262 686868
2382 SilverGrey 979797 585858 5E5E5E 4A4A4A
2439 Vermilion 9D331D CF0000 FF0000 C20000
2440 CoralRed 972912 Yes C50000 9A0000
3658 PortalPurple A010BF Yes
3659 VividViolet 7E0C97 870C9C
3660 BasePurple 720B88
3661 FlatPurple 660A7A
3662 PurpleNights 5C096E
3664 DullMagenta 960FB3
3665 PrincessPurple 8C0EA7 Yes
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

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