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Comprehensive list of bugs that are currently in game. Rate severity from 1 (minor bug with little to no negative impact) to 5 (severely impairs gameplay). Remove when fixed, please include a brief description of the fix in the comment section when deleting. Try to be as concise as possible in the bug's description. For bug fixes that aren't put into the dev notes, it's helpful to know when a bug has last been checked for a fix, put the month and year in parentheses at the end if you've recently checked a bug and confirmed it's still in game.


  • 5 - When switching to combat mode right after wielding a missle weapon (bow/crossbow/tw/grenades) the normal animation occurs of pulling the string/loading the xbow, however once in combat mode the ammunition counter (in the lower left corner of the peace/combat button) is blank (instead of showing how many arrows you have) and either the red attack bar will fill and never fire or you make a melee charge and run up to the targeted creature instead of firing a missile. (2/09)
  • 4 - Attacks on a creature in an outdoor space when inside a building or anytime coordinates are not showing (radar range shrinks) causes all agro friendly creatures in the landblock to come. For example, attacking a skeleton in Graveyard inside a bunker causes all skeletons in Graveyard to run to the attacker. (2/09)


  • 4 - Sleeches on Dark Isle frequently experience clipping issues on even slopes (steeper = more likely to have problems). Including extreme rubberbanding (shooting back and forth long distances and stuttering in place). Corpses are often unlootable (the body appears in one location and you go to it when trying to loot, but the actual body slid down somewhere and as a result you get the not close enough error message when trying to open). May have something to do with their overall size?



  • 1 - Breastplate of Karlun lists the property of Ivoryable but you cannot apply Salvaged Ivory. (??/??)
  • 5 - Visage of Menilesh is ivoryable, however has an inappropriate pickup timer (the item is given to you by the NPC, not picked up) and cannot be picked up again if you drop it on the ground or place it in a chest until the two week timer has elapsed. (04/09) Note: Because of the dual dynamic (kill Rytheran or return ring), it is unlikely this will ever be changed as it would make the kill Rytheran portion exploitable (it would require making the dropped mask an unwearable version that can be converted by an NPC to a different item).
  • 5 - Dunes End Cottages has two identical settlement markers next to each other. (12/09)
  • 1 - Some weapons wielded by creatures are named incorrectly for their elemental damage. For example, the "Fire Tachi" wielded by some Skeletons is actually a lightning weapon when identified. (26/12)
Creature Weapons Bug


Armor Attribute Sets

  • 3 - Adept's Set: Casts Artifex's Item Aptitude twice (surpassing itself) when equipped. It should cast a creature buff. (11/08)
  • 1 - Novice Soldier's Axe Aptitude - description says it increases Sword skill. (2009-06)
  • 1 - Apprentice Soldier's Unarmed Aptitude - description is missing a space in "Unarmed Combatskill". (2009-06)

Spell Stacking/Overrides

Spells with greater difficulty override spells with lesser difficulty. When two spells have the same difficulty, the last one cast overrides the previous one.

  • Avalenne's Blessing/Boon (Healing +40, diff 300) overrides Enervation of the Heart (max health -50), which is cast upon you at the end of Lord Rytheran's Private Sanctum. The debuff should be in a different group.
  • Superior Conveyic Chant (manac +40, diff 325) overrides Mana Conversion Mastery Incantation (manac +45, diff 325) from the Blue Empyrean Ring.
Not Confirmed
  • Stone Wall from Olthoi Cake (end +50, diff 310) is overridden by Superior Vivify the Conclave, Endurance Other Incantation, Incantation of Endurance Self (end +45).
  • Mana Giver from Gonjoku's Mana Infusion (max mana +15, diff 250) overrides Destiny's Wind (max mana +100) from Potion of Destiny's Wind.
  • Mana Giver from Gonjoku's Mana Infusion (max mana +15, diff 250) overrides Empyrean Mana Absorbtion (max mana +100) from Blue Empyrean Ring.
  • Mana Giver from Gonjoku's Mana Infusion (max mana +15, diff 250) overrides Enliven (max mana +100) from Coral Fragment.
  • Mana Giver from Gonjoku's Mana Infusion (max mana +15, diff 250) overrides Impulse (max mana +100) from Gem of Impulse.
  • Minor Leadership (leadership +5, diff 1) overrides Obedience (leadership +10, diff 1) from Barbed Crop.
  • Timaru's Shelter from Kalindan of Palenqual (quick +10, diff 280) overrides minor/mod/major/epic Impregnability (+missiled). That spell should be in a different group.
  • Spectral Axe Mastery (Axe +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Axe Mastery (Axe +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Bow Mastery (Bow +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Bow Mastery (Bow +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Crossbow Mastery (Crossbow +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Crossbow Mastery (Crossbow +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Dagger Mastery (Dagger +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Dagger Mastery (Dagger +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Mace Mastery (Mace +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Mace Mastery (Mace +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Spear Mastery (Spear +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Spear Mastery (Spear +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Staff Mastery (Staff +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Staff Mastery (Staff +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Sword Mastery (Sword +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Sword Mastery (Sword +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Thrown Weapon Mastery (Thrown Weapon +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Thrown Weapon Mastery (Thrown Weapon +250, diff 300).
  • Spectral Unarmed Combat Mastery (Unarmed Combat +150, diff 300) overrides Prodigal Unarmed Combat Mastery (Unarmed Combat +250, diff 300).

VIII Scroll Creation

User Interface (UI)

  • 1 - The last line of the description of Yaraq as a starter town (during character creation) is not visible.


  • 4 - All channels except allegiance frequently fail to open correctly when logging in. (8/09)


  • 1 - An infinite loop in attempting to access the AC web page will cause the launcher to become unresponsive if there is no internet connection active. (1/09)

Item Inscriptions

FIXED [July 2012 Hotfix]

  • There is some sort of refresh timer that frequently interferes with inscribing items. It seems that if the timer fires and you are still inscribing the item it will erase the text you have just written. Sometimes it erases everything, sometimes it reverts to a previous inscription, sometimes it makes the text "<Inscribe here>" concrete and you have to erase it.



Not technically bugs or errors, perhaps "working as intended," but issues that many players would like to see changed or improved.

  • 3 - When crafting items that are 100% chance of success, you still have to click Yes/No.
  • 4 - NPC tries to give you X, but your main pack is full, causing you to lose the item. Perhaps change to abort the entire exchange/interaction anytime this error occurs?
  • 3 - No way to turn off or move the messages that appear in large text in the top middle of the 3D screen. The information is almost never useful (You put item into main pack. etc) and is very disruptive to players that use low screen resolutions and a large chat panel. Ideally they could be turned off all together, or at least allow an option to move them to the chat area.
  • 1 - If your main pack is full, using hotkeys to switch weapons/shield can require multiple presses if shifted items go to a side pack instead of the main pack.
  • 3 - A List of Raiding Creatures doesn't include the creatures that drop two-handed combat or void magic amulets. The list also doesn't show which of the amulets each creature drops.
  • 1 - Certain texts are Attuned.
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