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Legendary Sho Hero on Ispar, known for her mastery of the sword. She obtained a tachi by stripping the White Serpent of its disguise.[1] She followed the path of Jojii, but mistrusted the Dragon of Power. She managed to withstand the temptation of using the Power which was given to her as a test, and achieved the enlightenment of the Four Stones of Jojii by using it only in compassion.[2]

It is rumored that Ben Ten is Koji herself sent to this new world by Jojii. Someone had seen Ben Ten's tachi, and had recognized it as the legendary magic sword of Koji.[3]

Koji's Beast is supposed to depict an Ogre Magi that Koji once encountered on her travels[4]

Koji's Fiend represents the demon-fiend face by Koji as she traveled the world.[5]

Koji's Visage is supposed to represent the face of Koji.[6]

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