Introduced:  Reign of Terror Related Quests:  Heritage Regalia Masks Updated:  Master of Arms
Koji's Visage
Koji's Visage Icon
Koji's Visage Live

Koji's Visage


You give Tsua Kagemata Virindi Consul Mask.

Tsua Kagemata tells you, "A beautiful specimen! Just a moment ..."

Although you watch closely, the mask maker's hands move too quickly and skillfully to follow.

Tsua Kagemata tells you, "Koji, as you know, has always been a favorite subject of mine. My previous efforts have shown the horror and cruelty of the evils that Koji faced. This year I have crafted an image that I hope shows the balance, majesty and beauty of Koji herself."

Tsua Kagemata gives you Koji's Visage.

Tsua Kagemata tells you, "There! It is complete!"

  • This is the fourth tier Sho heritage mask.

Update History

Master of Arms

  • Spells now reflect the new Heavy Weapons skill instead of the old Unarmed Combat skill.
  • Unarmed Combat activation requirement of 400 removed.
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