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Lord of the titanic Lugian city of Linvak Tukal high in the Linvak Mountains, ruler of the Lugians which allied themselves with the Isparians. His clan had risen to become the most powerful Lugian clan in the years following their arrival on Dereth.[3]

Seeing the power of this clan, the Virindi approach Kresovus with an offer of vast power in exchange for Chorizite to use in their experiments. But Kresovus refuses and proposes to the council of clans that an agreement be reached with the Isparians to resist any Virindi efforts to seize the mines. Some of the clans violently disagree, the most vocal of which are the clans responsible for the mines, since they have borne the brunt of Isparian Chorizite raids. The Virindi approach these rebel clans and suggest that, in exchange for Chorizite, they will provide the rebels with a means to overthrow Lord Kresovus. These clans agree and establish a siege camp around Linvak Tukal, waiting for their Virindi allies to provide the means to breech the city's defenses.[3]

Since that time, the lugians associated with Kresovus have been allies, together with the Aun Tumerok of Timaru with New Aluvia and have acted as advisors of Elysa Strathelar ever since. [4][5][6][7]

One of Aerbax actions during the Favored Sons Story Arc was the establishment of an imposter of Lord Kresovus in Linvak Tukal[8] and the alteration of Lugians into Shadow Lugians [9] and therefore, indirectly, the kidnapping of Balor.[10] The Shadow Kresovus, the Prodigal Lugian, was discovered and the real Lord Kresovus was rescued from the tunnels below the fortress city of Linvak Tukal. Balor's pelt was found below the city, but the fate of the beast was still a mystery. [11]

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  • Balor - Kresovus' Pet Mattekar, probably deceased[12]




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