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Introduced:  Should the Stars Fall
Lady Aerfalle
Lady Aerfalle (117 Creature) Live
Class Undead
Level 117
Loot Tier
Attacks Bludgeon, Fire
Weaknesses Fire
Strength 230
Endurance 270
Coordination 240
Quickness 220
Focus 275
Self 275
Health 285
Stamina 420
Mana 575
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense
Missile Attack
Missile Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense



  • Appeared on Ithaenc Island during the Shard of the Herald live event.
  • She was found at 83.2S, 91.0E near some praying/meditating Revenants where she was defeated by players.
  • Dropped a piece to the Silver Key.
  • The group of kneeling Undead can still be found there now.
  • WCID: 8518


Upon death:

The cold, luminous eyesockets of the Lady of Aerlinthe regard you balefully. "Fools!" she hisses. "You will destroy us all! If you must have the key, protect that which we do!" So saying, the light in her rotted skull dies, and her spirit wafts back to the north to gather its strength.


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