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Lady Mhoire Quest
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 150+
Type: Solo
Starts At: Graveyard
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Keep a look out for the Lady. She spawns in the area of the Graveyard with the rows of bunkers near the temple where you start the Lord Mhoire Quest. Remember that she only spawns during the night and disappears at Dawnsong.
  2. If you are lucky enough to be around when she spawns immediately summon reinforcements. She is not easy to fight alone and has a great deal of health.
  3. The absolute best way to kill her is for archers to perch on the nearby bunkers and kill with using either a Critical Strike Lightning Bow, or a Spectral Bows with Lightning Arrows (the Ghost SLayer neutralizes the Armor Render at negative AL) (Raider Lightning Arrows preferably). Vuln her to Lightning, and Imperil her...she goes to a negative AL. Mages should use their Spectral Staff or just heal the archers. Melees should just heal because it is normally too dangerous to jump down into the fray.
    • The Lady's most dangerous attacks are frost attacks including Frost Wave and Glacial Strike. When frost vulned (and you will be vulned thanks all the ghosts around) these spells do tremendous damage.
  4. When the Lady dies an NPC version of the Lady spawns that hands out Lady Tairla Mhoire's Key. She only has 10 keys to give. After she hands 10 keys the NPC disappears. You do not need to participate in the fight to get a key. After Lady Tairla Mhoire is killed, and while her NPC ghost is present, a pile of Noble Remains appears in the area and it remains until Dawnsong.
  5. Don't forget to loot her corpse, it generally contains Ancient Mhoire Coins, and sometimes a House Mhoire Cloak.
  6. Once you have a key enter the bunker where the Sealed Vault is located (64.9S, 44.1W). It is the 2nd bunker on the right when you are facing north. Unlock the Vault and loot the Ancient Mhoire Coins (3 to 5 coins) and the Lady Tairla's Ancient Emblem of Mhoire inside.
  7. Take the emblem to a Arcanum Mana-smith at one of the Mana Forges for a single use Mana Forge Key in return.


Defeat Lady Tairla Mhoire
Speak to the NPC ghost of Lady Tairla Mhoire
Titles: Lady Tairla's Champion
Loot the Sealed Vault


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Lady Tairla Mhoire (Creature)

Why do you leave the floor so soon? I will not leave the dance!

Lady Tairla Mhoire cries out, "Awake and attend me, my handmaidens, and join our dance!"
Lady Tairla Mhoire (NPC)

Her corrupted form destroyed, the spirit of Lady Tairla appears.

Lady Tairla says, "I can linger in this place for only a short time. Come speak gentlefolk."

Lady Tairla Mhoire tells you, "The endless dance of madness caused by this... corruption had ended, at least for a time."

Lady Tairla Mhoire tells you, "I can not thank those who have given me this peace enough, however brief. Take my key and seek my hidden vault. The treasures there are yours."

Lady Tairla Mhoire gives you Lady Tairla Mhoire's Key.

Lady Tairla Mhoire tells you, "I thank you for your grace and bravery."

Lady Tairla Mhoire bestows to you the title "Lady Tairla's Champion."

Lady Tairla Mhoire tells you, "I am sorry hero, but I have no more keys to give."

Update History

Strange Sightings

  • Quest introduced.

Risks and Rewards

Gears of Change

  • Hand-in timer for emblems removed.
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