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Introduced:  Release

Leather Crafter
Non-Player Killer
Leather Crafter (Ayan Baqur) Live
Race Male Sho (varies)
Title Trophy Collector
Location See Notes
Level 5
Strength 80
Endurance 90
Coordination 75
Quickness 65
Focus 50
Self 30
Health 45
Stamina 190
Mana 30


Crafter Turn Ins[]

  • Note: many trophies had their xp reward increased during the Learning From Experience event. See the Talk page for an overview.
Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
Small Reedshark Hide Icon Small Reedshark Hide 500??
Reedshark Hide Greaves Icon Reedshark Hide Greaves
Small Armoredillo Hide Icon Small Armoredillo Hide
Armoredillo Hide Bracers Icon Armoredillo Hide Bracers
Armoredillo Hide Icon Armoredillo Hide
Armoredillo Hide Breastplate Icon Armoredillo Hide Breastplate
Reedshark Hide Icon Reedshark Hide 1,500
Reedshark Hide Leggings Icon Reedshark Hide Leggings
Large Armoredillo Hide Icon Large Armoredillo Hide 1,500
Armoredillo Hide Coat Icon Armoredillo Hide Coat
Sturdy Armoredillo Hide Icon Sturdy Armoredillo Hide 4,500
Fine Armoredillo Hide Shirt Icon Fine Armoredillo Hide Shirt
Plate Armoredillo Hide Icon Plate Armoredillo Hide
Armoredillo Hide Cuirass Icon Armoredillo Hide Cuirass
Thin Gromnie Hide Icon Thin Gromnie Hide 500??
Gromnie Hide Gauntlets Icon Gromnie Hide Gauntlets
Ruddy Gromnie Hide Icon Ruddy Gromnie Hide 500??
Gromnie Hide Boots Icon Gromnie Hide Boots
Small Mattekar Hide Icon Small Mattekar Hide 1,000??
Mattekar Hide Sleeves Icon Mattekar Hide Sleeves
Ivory Gromnie Hide Icon Ivory Gromnie Hide 1,500??
Gromnie Hide Helmet Icon Gromnie Hide Helmet
Mattekar Hide Icon Mattekar Hide 3,000
Mattekar Hide Coat Icon Mattekar Hide Coat
Durable Gromnie Hide Icon Durable Gromnie Hide 3,000??
Gromnie Hide Leggings Icon Gromnie Hide Leggings
Thick Gromnie Hide Icon Thick Gromnie Hide 7,500
Gromnie Hide Coat Icon Gromnie Hide Coat
Sturdy Gromnie Hide Icon Sturdy Gromnie Hide 12,750
Gromnie Hide Amuli Coat Icon Gromnie Hide Amuli Coat
Hardy Gromnie Hide Icon Hardy Gromnie Hide 15,000
Gromnie Hide Amuli Leggings Icon Gromnie Hide Amuli Leggings
Rugged Gromnie Hide Icon Rugged Gromnie Hide 19,500
Heavy Gromnie Hide Leggings Icon Heavy Gromnie Hide Leggings
Resilient Gromnie Hide Icon Resilient Gromnie Hide 15,000??
Heavy Gromnie Hide Coat Icon Heavy Gromnie Hide Coat
Gauloth Shreth Hide Icon Gauloth Shreth Hide
Gauloth Leggings Icon Gauloth Leggings
Rendeath Shreth Hide Icon Rendeath Shreth Hide
Rendeath Coat Icon Rendeath Coat
Doomshark Hide Icon Doomshark Hide
Doomshark Hide Coat Icon Doomshark Hide Coat
Slasher Reedshark Hide Icon Slasher Reedshark Hide
Sturdy Reedshark Robe Icon Sturdy Reedshark Robe
Reaper Reedshark Hide Icon Reaper Reedshark Hide
Hearty Reedshark Robe Icon Hearty Reedshark Robe
Scourge's Hide Icon Scourge's Hide
Scourge's Hide Leggings Icon Scourge's Hide Leggings
Snarl's Hide Icon Snarl's Hide
Snarl's Jerkin Icon Snarl's Jerkin
Plaguefang's Hide Icon Plaguefang's Hide
Plaguefang's Robe Icon Plaguefang's Robe
Small Sclavus Hide Icon Small Sclavus Hide 1,000
Snake Skin Boots Icon Snake Skin Boots
Sclavus Hide Icon Sclavus Hide 3,750
Snake Skin Coat Icon Snake Skin Coat
Large Sclavus Hide Icon Large Sclavus Hide 7,500
Sclavus Skin Helmet Icon Sclavus Skin Helmet
Kireth Gown with Band Icon Kireth Gown with Band
Kireth Gown with Band (Altered) Icon Kireth Gown with Band (Altered)
Small Ursuin Hide Icon Small Ursuin Hide
Ursuin Hide Girth Icon Ursuin Hide Girth
Ursuin Scalp Icon Ursuin Scalp 10,000??
Ursuin Hide Helmet Icon Ursuin Hide Helmet
Dire Mattekar Paw Icon Dire Mattekar Paw 5,500
Mattekar Arm Guard Icon Mattekar Arm Guard
Dread Mattekar Paw Icon Dread Mattekar Paw 4,500
Mattekar Claw Icon Mattekar Claw
Ursuin Fang Icon Ursuin Fang 9,000
Fang Mace Icon Fang Mace
Small Niffis Shell Icon Small Niffis Shell
Niffis Shell (Shield) Icon Niffis Shell (Shield)
Niffis Shell (Trophy) Icon Niffis Shell (Trophy) 7,500
Niffis Shell Helm Icon Niffis Shell Helm

Lore & Dialog[]


Leather Crafter says, "Have you the skins of armoredillos, gromnies, or reedsharks? I can use them in my craft."

Leather Crafter tells you, "If you give me the hide of an armoredillo, gromnie, reedshark, or mattekar, I can make something with it that you may find useful."
Retired local area message

Leather Crafter takes the object and meticulously fashions it into a new shape.
Gauloth Shreth Hide

You give Leather Crafter Gauloth Shreth Hide.

Leather Crafter tells you, "Let's see. The hide is thick and leathery, and aside from the small bony protrusions it's in fine shape. I think a nice set of leggings."

Leather Crafter gives you Gauloth Leggings.

Leather Crafter tells you, "There you go."
Plate Armoredillo Hide

You give Leather Crafter Plate Armoredillo Hide.

Leather Crafter tells you, "This is large enough to craft into a well fitting cuirass I think."

Leather Crafter gives you Armoredillo Hide Cuirass.
Rendeath Shreth Hide

You give Leather Crafter Rendeath Shreth Hide.

Leather Crafter tells you, "Another fine specimen. A little thicker than the last shreth hide I was given to work with. Let me have a moment and I'll... Yes, yes that's it!"

Leather Crafter gives you Rendeath Coat.

Leather Crafter tells you, "Here you go."
Thin Gromnie Hide

You give Leather Crafter Thin Gromnie Hide.

Leather Crafter tells you, "Here you go!"

Leather Crafter gives you Gromnie Hide Gauntlets.

You've earned 500 experience.

Uziz Leather Crafter Dialog[]

The Leather Crafter in Uziz, along with the rest of the population, is a Simulacrum. As such, his dialog differs from the regular Leather Crafters.

Opening Dialog

Leather Crafter tells you, "I am a crafter that makes use of the husks that cover the armoredillo, gromnie and reedshark creatures."