Introduced:  Hidden In Shadows Related Quests:  Shadow Communication
Ler Rhan
Ler Rhan (NPC) Live
Race Shadow
Location Inside The Shadows
Level 600
Strength 600
Endurance 620
Coordination 300
Quickness 400
Focus 400
Self 400
Health 20,000
Stamina 5,000
Mana 3,000


  • Route:

Lore & Dialog

Ler Rhan tells you, "You've survived to make it this far. Perhaps you have skills we could put to use."
Ler Rhan tells you, "Take this message to Black Ferah at her scouting post near Tou-Tou."
Ler Rhan tells you, "If you fail to do this, do not return."
Ler Rhan gives you A message from Ler Rhan to Black Ferah.

Ler Rhan tells you, "Either deliver that message to Black Ferah or suffer a fate worse than death."
Ler Rhan tells you, "I've heard that Black Ferah received my message. Perhaps you will be of use to me in the future."

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