Introduced:  Soulless Sisters Related Quests:  Rescuing Mouf P
Letter from Uber P
Text Icon Parchment
  • Value: 10
  • Burden: 25
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
  • This page is filled with large penguin footprints and odd markings made in black ink. Perhaps Larinne Kerendova the Pet Store Manager can translate this.
[This page is filled with large penguin footprints and odd markings made in black ink.]


You give Larinne Kerendova Letter from Uber P.

Larinne eyes the pages with a surprised look on her face. Suddenly you notice a small tear roll down her cheek.

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "It has been so long since I have seen penguin writing. What a tragic tale this letter tells. Sometimes the best of intentions can lead to the saddest of conclusions."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Uber P is quite the eloquent writer, but I will try to summarize his words for you. Uber P had already lost a little brother named Mr. P to the warmth of the southern islands."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Penguins are extremely family-oriented don't you know, so when another younger sibling started showing a distaste for the cold weather Uber P feared he would lose yet another brother to the sandy beaches of the Vesayen islands."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "He thought if he could just get Mouf to spend some time with fellow cold-lovers that he would take to his natural instincts and want to remain in the frozen north with his family."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "So Uber P sent his little brother off to the Frigid Grotto, but sadly his plan backfired. Upon repeatedly hearing of Mouf's disdain for the cold, the Grotto's inhabitants refused to let little Mouf leave."

Larinne's eyes start to tear up.

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Uber P realizes he made a mistake in trying to make Mouf's decisions for him. He only cares about little Mouf's happiness now. Damning him to a lifetime in the cold is something Uber P just can't live with."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Please go to this Frigid Grotto located at 97.1N, 51.8W and help free Mouf from his frozen prison."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Be warned though, the inhabitants of the Frigid Grotto are no pushovers. Expect heavy resistance from the creatures within."

Larinne sighs.

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "I bet a cute little penguin would just love to call a place like this home."

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